“Spider Webs, Chaos, And Band-Aids”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 09

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I am the Light of Love. Light saturates my mind and body, surrounding every thought, and radiating out to All. Everything radiates Light in return. Everywhere is Light. I rest in Peace, Being Light.



I recently read this description of most people’s minds, “Our minds are spider webs of thought and emotion: obsessions, fear, anger, insecurities, guilt, worry, pain, TV jingles and other music, imaginary conversations with people we’re mad at, and even happy thoughts…” Our minds are chaotic and random. We jump from thought to thought, as the winds of life blow this and that experience at us.

I’ve worked at organizations in which employees would be frustrated because the upper-management could only react to something that happened. In other words, there was no thoughtful planning for things like office culture, social media policies, space-organization, etc., and so when something happened that “rocked the boat”, the upper management seemed to flail, unable make an intelligent decision about what to do about it. Often, the outcome seemed haphazard, superficial, and sometimes was simply a Band-Aid, not addressing any of the real issues.

I think that’s what it’s like when we live in a mind that is a spider-web of emotion. Things come up and we’re unprepared, so we react, and we don’t have time to actually think things through. We end up doing the best we can with what we have, but what if we had been better prepared?  What if the thoughts in our heads had been fewer, less cluttered, more clear, more focused on things we chose to think about, rather than random crap that came our way?

I feel like I am learning the answer to that “what if”. Learning is the key and operative word!

I don’t listen to the radio anymore, because inevitable when I do, I get a song stuck in my head. I don’t want someone else’s song in my head! I want my own thoughts.

I listen to mantras instead. I replace “negative” or “spinning” thoughts with mantra. I figure a mantra will keep my mind focused, and focused on more positive thoughts.

I want to be able to approach situations and people with a clear mind, not one that is cluttered, not one where I have to sift through garbage to find something appropriate to say or do.

I love this Guiding Thought for this reason. “Light saturates my mind and body, surrounding every thought”… For just these few moments today, I have taken the time to visualize light surrounding every thought. For just these few moments today, my mind is clear and filled with light. For just these few moments, I am being proactive in organizing my thoughts, in ordering my mind the way I want it.

I think–and this is where my learning comes in–the more I am proactive with organizing, clearing, and focusing my mind, the less I react randomly or chaotically. The more “I rest in Peace”.