“Children of The Sun”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 11

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Welcome to Round 2!

Here we go! If you are new to the Journeys, please see this page for how things change slightly in this round.

What a difference 10 days make! The first day of Round 1, I was completely unprepared for thinking or feeling about the Guiding Thought. It threw me into despair. That’s what happens when you erase the ego though, and since these are spiritual Journeys, there will be some ego-erasing, whether you’re ready for it or not!

The end of Round 1 was the perfect segue into today. Thank Goodness.


Guiding Thought

Clear your mind of all past notions of what you think healing is. Erase all memories and stories from your thoughts, leaving only a clean slate. Turn your attention to your Inner Divine Mind and ask, “What is healing”? Wait and listen in silence; take your attention deeper into the vastness of Divine Mind and ask again, “What is healing?”, “What is wholeness?”, and “What is holy?” Wait and I listen. Feeling stillness, simply pause in the quiet and await your answer.



I was a little more prepared this round to clear my mind of all past notions of healing, and of leaving a clean slate. I knew it was coming.

I pictured a wise friend guiding me in clearing my mind and erasing memories and stories. He advised me to visualize a fire this time (on Day 01, you remember, I used a giant eraser). The fire is more representative of finality and of transformation–when you throw something on a fire the thing is no longer itself; what it was disappears entirely and irretrievably; it becomes something else entirely. Whereas, with an eraser shadows can be left, or you can hold the paper to the light and still make out the image that was there; fire erases and transforms completely.

My friend also advised me to throw things other than my “notions of healing” onto the fire. He advised me to throw any guilt or blame I have ever experienced, any fear, or any doubt onto the fire. Doubt was a big one.

Throwing these emotions, memories, and stories I have believed onto a fire gives Spirit/God/Love permission to rewrite what I think I know.

Then I asked “What is healing?”, “What is wholeness?”, and “What is holy?”

The answer was simple. It was the same visualization from yesterday. Everything was a ray of the sun, which was God. I could see the entire world rotating, bathing in sunlight, with every person, every animal, every tree, every plant a ray of sun. Even things we call lifeless or inanimate are rays. Nothing is excluded. At one point in the visualization, everyone simultaneously turned their faces to the sun and acknowledged the presence of God above and below, everywhere in everything.

Do try this visualization sometime! It is beautiful.

And thus our good Lord answered to all the questions and doubts that I might make, saying full comfortably:

I may make all thing well,

I can make all thing well,

I will make all thing well,

And I shall make all thing well;

And thou shalt see thyself that all manner of thing shall be well.

– Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love

Be well, my friends.

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