“Simple Isn’t Always Easy”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 27

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Love is Wholeness. The essence of Love is Peace. The essence of Wholeness is Unity. Our essence is Love, therefore, our essence is Peace; our essence is Unity. Since our essence is Unity, we share Love and Peace wholly. Knowing the Unity of Whole Love and Peace with All is the essence of Holiness. We choose to be aware, to understand and to Know our Whole and Holy Self, which is Love. 



Know yourself as your Self. Know your Self as you. It’s really that simple.

What gets complicated is how we define and identify the self (the little-s self). The only definitions we can make are of our self:  we cannot define the Self: the Self’s identity pre-exists any definition we can impose. The Self is Whole and Holy, Love and Peace, etc., period.

If the self is not living Wholly in Love and Peace, there has been a definition imposed on it that counters its expression of the Self.

This is why “we must remove the barriers”. The barriers are our own definitions, our own constructs. How do you define yourself? If I ask you who you are what do you say?

  • “I am a wo/man”
  • “I am a mother/father”
  • “I am 35 years old”
  • “I am a yoga instructor/pastor/cashier/student…”
  • “I am a seeker of Truth”
  • “I am a lover of fine wine”

All of these only define your little-s self. None of them apply at all to your Self. Yet, you are claiming them as what you are, your am-ness, your being-ness (“I am…”).

Now, on a deeper level, let’s look at some other possible thoughts you may have about your identity:

  • If you have an illness, do you say, “I am sick”?
  • If you have financial challenges, do you say, “I am not able to afford >this<”?
  • If you have a relationship issue, do you say, “I am totally frustrated with >him/her<”?
  • If you have a less-than fulfilling job, do you say, “I need something better!”

All of these, too, are imposing a definition on your being-ness, on what you think you are, when in fact, they are only experiences of the body or the emotions (which flow through you, yet are not you).  The Truth of you, the Truth of who you are is fully healthy, whole; YOU are rich, abundant prosperity; YOU are total Peace; YOU are already fulfilled (claiming a need verifies a lack, which only confirms itself).

You see, these Guiding Thoughts counter your own definitions by offering you the Truth about your Self. But, if you still have all those definitions in your head about who you think you are, there are two opposing forces struggling for dominance in your mind, and thus in your life-expression. Look at your life—which is winning?

The point is, the Truth of you—your Whole-Love-Peace Self—is the only YOU there really is. All those definitions can be waved away, simply by realizing your Truth.

Work with what you know about the Truth of you. As you work with it, it grows.

  • When was a time when you were totally loving? That’s who you are.
  • When was a time when you were generous? That’s who you are.
  • When was a time when you gave selfless service? That’s who you are.
  • When was a time when you gave intuitively wise advice? That’s who you are.

When the Self expresses Itself through you…as you…that is who you are. Your experiences of being who you are build up in your consciousness, confirming the existence and activity of your Self.

Reduce your definitions of who you think you are. Refuse to claim any identity other than that of Love. If you choose to convey the sentiment, “I am sick”, say instead something like, “my body is currently ill-at-ease”. If you want to say, “I can’t afford >this<”, say instead, “I AM wealthy in Truth, I choose now to forgo this purchase”. Claim as your identity only the qualities of your True Self: Love, Wealth, Health, Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, Understanding, Courage, Faith, Hope, and associate feelings or perceptions with the relevant relative part of your bodily experience (body, mind, emotions).

Become aware of your Self being yourself. It’s that simple.

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