“Masquerading Light”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 40

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I give today to Light. I feel the Light within pour forth; I feel my radiance, my glow. I see—with my inner eye—this light envelop and infuse all I encounter, all my words, and all my actions. I watch as others resonate with me, their light growing brighter in the sanctity of my own. To all beings and all situations today, I offer only light, and learn, as I do, the Wholeness of my Self.



I’ve thought for a long time that humans are Light, masquerading as bodies. The feeling is kind of like the Wayne Dyer quote, “You’re a spiritual being having a human experience”. So, to paraphrase this, “You’re a Light Being having a human experience”. I never quite felt the truth in the Wayne Dyer quote, but I feel something, some stirring of recognition, when I paraphrase the quote using “Light Being”.

When I read today’s Guiding Thought, it’s almost like my entire being says, “Yes! This is what I want, this is who I am”.

In the spirit of being Light, giving light, and offering light to the Wholeness of my Self, I’d like to take a moment and give you light, right now. Take a minute to receive it…

In addition to Light, I feel so much love and appreciation for all of you out there, reading this, or not reading this. I have so much love and appreciation for all of the people doing the work, learning to love themselves more, helping others, being their own light, being an inspiration, finding their own way. If you are reading this, that means you. Thank you.

Our work, the work of love, of light, of service, is so necessary. Each of you making this contribution in your own life, taking any time what so ever to find ways to love, to find ways to give, are making a difference. Each of you sharing your stories, helping others, creating a network of empathy and compassion, are making a difference. I love you and appreciate you; you are so important to Life and its process.

As you recall, this Journey—and each round—begins with basically 3 days of emptying the mind and releasing any (old) notions of “what healing is”. Throughout this Journey I have thought (but not written), “What does this have to do with healing? What have I healed? What are the results? What is the relevance?” I have now figured out that the Journeys rarely lead me on a path of logic, but they always lead me appropriately, so I just “go with it”.

And I just realized, this moment of such deep love and appreciation for all of you, this recognition of Wholeness with you, this is the healing. We are Whole. We are Holy. I love you. The Journey is at an end (for now!).

There will be a short break for reflection on the whole Journey. I will post the afterword within the week! Then on to the next—Journey of Abundance begins July 28!


Please enjoy this uplifting song of revitalization, hope, and pleasure of Life at the end of a Journey (the “theme song” for day 40)!