2016 Journey of Abundance Declaration, Commitment, and Dedication


I declare my intention to do whatever I can for the next 40 days to transmute the barriers I have created within myself to knowing the abundance of Life, in me, through me, around me, as me. I declare myself free from bonds that would negate my Divine Self which knows Itself as Full and Fulfilled.


First, I am committed to fulfilling 40 days of meditation/contemplation and writing with focus, engagement, and involvement in the exploration and discovery of my Self of abundance.

Second, in my ongoing commitment to the enlightenment of everyone on the planet, I commit again to doing a daily prayer/mediation for the upliftment and enlightenment of the 7.4 billion people on the planet.

Third, I continue in my commitment to the practice of earth, and will continue to work out and eat “really” healthy, including primarily raw fruits and vegetables, and to continue to exercise.


I dedicate this Journey to you and to your abundance. May you know yourself as the Fulfillment you are, as the Giver and the Gift; may all anxiety or suffering you experience be transmuted by Love, to Love. May you know yourself as everything you could ever want, within and without.

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