“Bringing Fulfillment to Life”: Journey of Abundance 2.0 – Day 03

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Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I fill my mind and heart with Love, aligning with the Light of Truth. Steadfast and focused on my own Loving Presence, I live in the peace of fulfillment of my own Divine Identity.



Before I began this Journey, I recorded the first 10 Guiding Thoughts, so I could listen to them and color, or just listen to them, rather than read them. The audio function interacts with my brain differently than reading. When I read, I feel like I am in a tunnel; cognition takes over, my mental-skills are in their comfort-zone. I read each word with attention, looking into it through the tunnel, focused, pushing everything else to the sides. But when I listen, rather than read, I engage my feeling nature and my intuition. Instead of being in a tunnel, I feel like I am looking at a horizon, a vast expanse. Even so, I am still able to focus on each word and its meaning, and the various impressions I receive from the meaning.

This is how I have been drawing: through those impressions of meaning. I can ask, “What do I see, or what do I feel, when I focus on my own Loving Presence?” Then I get an impression, a feeling, an energetic inkling, and so I ask, “How do I represent this?” Then I start with the colors or shapes. This is me speaking to myself through those impressions—through color, shape, and symbols. There is no “right”, whatever color-shape-symbol I use is my interpretation of an impression.

I once read that when people use marijuana or alcohol, or psychedelic drugs, those substances activate particular memory-responses. Things previously learned will be clearer in the same state in which they were learned. When not using the substance, the things learned or experienced while using the substance are fuzzy, but if the substance is then used again, the memory associates the state of mind with the learning and is better at recall. (So, the conclusion of the article was: if a student is going to study after using a substance, they would be best off taking the exam also using the substance…or vice versa.) In a similar way, the drawings I do while listening to a Guiding Thought activates the part of me which communicated the impression to me. The “I” of my Self, the One communicating with me Knows and understands exactly what I have drawn. The “I” of my mind does not need to recognize anything, or understand anything. Once I have that understanding, whenever I look at the picture, it triggers or resonates with that “I” of my Self, returning the impression to me at any time, in the form that my Self understands and recognizes.

I really like communicating with my Self this way.

There are two points of explanation about the drawing today. First, it was important to me to symbolize “steadfast and focused”. This was done by the gold rectangle around the person. To my mind, it could look like a symbol for “trapped” or “restricted”, but to my Self, the gold rectangle indicates something sure, anchored, solid (steadfast and focused). Second, there are those little squares again. And again they represent that which I do not know, and cannot guess, and am wary of depicting with my limited vision. The squares represent, “I live in the peace of fulfillment of my own Divine Identity”. I live in the peace and fulfillment… Fulfillment is about those things, situations, experiences, and events that are what makes life fulfilling. I know…that’s a bit tautological, but it’s important. How can we lead fulfilling lives, if we deny anything material that fulfills us? I live with the stuff of life which fulfills me, when I bring fulfillment to life.

Journey of Abundance 2.0 - Day 03 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of Abundance 2.0 – Day 03
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls