“A Much Needed Kick in The Ass”: Journey of Abundance 2.0 – Day 06

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Increasing my thoughts of Love and my attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As I serve more people with Love, money and wealth flow abundantly to me. I use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life I love through my highest vision.



Almost 20 years ago, I went through a personal re-invention. I’ve done this many times throughout my life, I’ve shifted my direction at least 90 degrees, if not 180. About 20 years ago, I was a truck driver; 18 wheels, 48 states and Canada.

Truck drivers make their money by the mile. The more miles they can put in, the more they get paid. Open roads at 70 mph pay more than in-city roads, with congestion and speed limits of 25-40 mph. Needless to say, everyone wants the open road runs; nobody wants a city run. Everyone wants a New York to Seattle run (2800 miles) more than they want a run from New York to Carlisle, PA (180 miles).

But drivers have to go where the freight is and where the freight takes them. From PA, there are four directions a truck can go for freight, meaning more options. But once a truck gets to CA, there are basically only two directions: north and east, so…fewer options. In addition, there was a lot of freight that needed to be delivered within 100 miles of the yard, where it had been dropped. Needless to say, there were a lot more short runs once a truck got to CA, than there were long hauls out.

Nobody wanted to do the short hauls. Once drivers got to the terminal, they started pestering the dispatchers for a long-haul out. Often, the dispatchers would assign a short run instead—not out of being uncooperative, but out of necessity: the freight had to be delivered; there are more short runs than long runs. But the drivers would moan and complain and refuse and dig their heels in, “I can’t do this short run, how do you expect me to make any money?!” Then of course, the dispatchers would get frustrated and nobody was happy. The longer a driver refused, the longer s/he sat (not making money anyway).

My philosophy was: keep it simple. Cooperate. Do my job. Take the runs I’m given. I got a lot of short runs. But I also got long runs before the drivers who were moaning and complaining.

The moral of the story: show [the universe] that you are willing to do what is given you, and cooperate; it will send bigger and better things your way.

I have two parallel examples. 1) When I hire a handy man who I’ve never worked with before, I don’t give him an expensive, extensive, in-depth job to start. I want to see first how he operates, if he’s pleasant and cooperative, if he pays attention to his work. So, I give him a few smaller jobs first. I have found that many handymen have the same attitude as drivers. They don’t want the small stuff. They want the long haul that will bring them a lot of money. But why should I invest in them big, if they can’t do something small? 2) In a lot of teacher-disciple/student relationships, often the teacher will give the student small tasks or small (seemingly meaningless) practices (think: “wax on, wax off”). When the student masters the small, seemingly meaningless practice or task, s/he is ready to move to the next thing. This is how strong foundations are built.

I didn’t do a picture today. I was too wrapped up in realizing that I have been looking for the long haul, rather than focusing on the small lessons and practices of abundance that are in front of me. “Increasing my thoughts of Love and my attitude of service” … I realized I have been wanting the one thing, the miracle, the thing that changes everything, rather than thinking about how I can serve one person at a time.

As I serve more people with LoveI must increase my service to people. I must provide a service (or product, or idea, etc.).

This has been a hang-up of mine for a while, one of those “stuck places”. Looking for the long haul has meant not being with myself, where I am in practical reality. It means having dreams and ideas, and lots of inspiration, but not translating those things into an exchange in practical terms. It has meant not starting anything because the long-haul looks too BIG, too vast (isn’t that ironic?). I can start right here, where I am, with what I have, and then work on increasing my service, increasing the number of people.

I am so thankful this has come up today. Sometimes I need a kick in the ass.

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