“The Divine >DOH!<”: Journey of Abundance 2.0 – Day 13

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Fill your mind and heart with Love, and align with the Light of Truth. Be Steadfast and focused on your own Loving Presence; live in the peace of fulfillment of your own Divine Identity.



Hey, here’s an idea…just surrender. Stop trying. Stop thinking about how to surrender. Stop wondering what it feels like. Stop invoking the Love and Light that you already are—you don’t need to do that, you already are. Stop, stop, stop, just stop.

I did; I did it! I finally got it; I just stopped. We’ll see how sustainable it is (I am optimistic, because…I really got it).

Yesterday after I did the Journey, I had a real-eyes-ation. Here’s how it happened:

There was a period of time, about 20 years ago, when I studied and worked with Leonard Orr, and one of the many things that he taught was giving up struggle. Stop “efforting”. Stop struggling. Release the patterns in your life that make things difficult. Let life flow through you naturally, easily. Don’t fight it. Let it be. You get the idea. So I did—I let go of struggle. I am not even sure how I did it, I just seemed to look at things differently, and if something felt like a struggle, I either shifted my attitude about it, or let it be. This has been very valuable. It became natural and easy, an extension of who I am, and how I walk through life.

Yesterday after I did the Journey, I went out and hugged a tree for a nice 10 minutes. That’s not really relevant to the story, but I wanted to claim, publicly, my tree-hugging propensity.

After tree-hugging, as I continued my walk, for some reason unknown to me, I thought about Leonard and learning to give up struggle. The lightbulb turned on. I realized that surrendering to Divine Will, is just another dimension of releasing struggle. Since I have really (pretty much) mastered the release of struggle in my material life, I already know how it feels to let go of something. I know how to do this (as I mentioned in the last sentence of yesterday’s Journey). I just have to shift my focus, and instead of releasing material struggle, I need to release any resistance I have to surrendering to the Divine, the Flow, Life Itself, All that IS. I get it intuitively. In that instance, I suddenly understood, and it was as though I no longer had to think about it. Now, when I feel that questioning, that wondering about “what do I do, how do I do it?” I just stop…and release…naturally, intuitively. Just give it up.

Let me tell you, I felt it. I felt the release. I felt the shift. I felt something lift.

Although, I also had a moment of a forehead-slapping >DOH!< at the same time, which became a secondary realization: There are so many “lessons” that I have learned, and applied them to the material realm, as with the idea of letting go of struggle.  And all of a sudden, I realized >DOH!< I need to apply all of this to my spiritual learning. I mean, that’s obvious, right? But there are layers and levels here that become uncovered only when the layers or levels above it have been uncovered, and I uncovered a new layer.

For another example, when I read and contemplate the Guiding Thoughts, during rounds one or four, using “I”, which “I” does my mind think about? In other words, what is the self-concept that I am invoking in my mind and feeling-nature when I use the word “I”?  There is the “I” that identifies with the personality, the body, the memories, and life of this incarnation, and there is the “I” that is the Divine I. One is material, the other is spiritual—which one does my mind think about? I realized that (even at this point in my spiritual development, with all my awareness and understanding!) I still primarily think about “I” as this body, this personality, or this set of experiences of this lifetime.

But I also realized that with this new sight, I can shift this, too. Every time I think “I”, there will be a small awareness-mechanism, like a bell that goes off in my head, reminding me to have my self-concept (my “I” concept) focused on the Divine I, the higher-Self, Soul, the Holy Spirit, the I am that I AM (however it comes up at that moment). That is the real I. Remember.

There will come a point, when the Guiding Thoughts have served their purpose and are no longer necessary. Once I live fully as myself, in the Divine Self, learning how to do it is no longer necessary.

I wonder how many more layers there are…?