Journey of Abundance 2.0: Afterword

I’m a day off, and I apologize. This was supposed to have been posted before today–during my 10-day rest period between Journeys (and Journey of Fulfillment was to have begun today). But the last 10 days have been unusual. A lot of unforeseen and out of the ordinary things were going on…many of which were more emotionally stressful than normal. I noticed that several of my friends and colleagues experienced something similar: unusual, out of the ordinary, stressful situations. I wondered if this was a pattern going on, so tell me: have you experienced situations out of the ordinary and a bit more stressful than usual over the past 10 days or so?

In the midst of that, I did not get to this. Today the afterword…tomorrow we begin Journey of Fulfillment–and I will post both the Why a Journey of Fulfillment and the commitment/dedication. So, begin today, if you choose… I will catch up with you tomorrow.

As for my reflection on Journey of Abundance…

I don’t really know what is going on. What I mean is that I feel a bit un-tethered, without focus or understanding, and everything I am learning feels jumbled, as though I wrote a whole bunch of notes on index cards, then threw them into the air, and now they are in a mess in front of me and I have to pick them up and re-order them (and this process of picking up and re-ordering, will help make some things more clear).

This happens. I am used to it. I do not feel worried, but I do feel a bit off-kilter, and I feel OK with that. Here’s why:

I worked with and added a whole bunch of heavy and intense stuff to my mind/consciousness during Journey of Abundance. All of that stuff is coming into alignment with everything else. It’s integrating, assimilating, and those things take time, during which, I can be overly aware of being out of alignment.

Here’s a re-cap of the heavy-intense stuff I am integrating:

  1. Step into the shade: Just stop. Stop trying. Stop trying to make something happen. Just stop. (See also: 38)
  2. Bringing fulfillment to life: I began working on Fulfillment already during Journey of Abundance. I could feel it working on me. What I said on day 3 is a primary focus for the upcoming Journey (which I will get to tomorrow): “I live in the peace and fulfillment… Fulfillment is about those things, situations, experiences, and events that are what makes life fulfilling…How can we lead fulfilling lives, if we deny anything material that fulfills us? I live with the stuff of life which fulfills me, when I bring fulfillment to life.” (also see days 14, 1634, 39)
  3. The absolute consistency and presence of the activity of Divine Mind. Just feel that for a minute–there is no moment, no situation when Divine Mind is not present. (see also days 17, 19, 25, 27, 28, 34, 353839)
  4. Surrendering to the activity of Divine Mind (which is beyond my little mind’s comprehension). This goes along with Stepping into the shade. This theme recurred several times throughout the Journey (see also: 13, 18, 2128)
  5. Transformation, loving things into Light (see also: 23, 24, 39)
  6. God. Who or What is God? This thought alone can blow one’s mind. See also: 353839)

Any one of these can cause an overload, if someone is working with the idea for 40-days straight. I don’t feel at all bad that I got overloaded by working with 6 pretty intense concepts. There are times when an idea sinks in at a new level. There was a profound sinking in during Journey of Abundance…now I just need to catch up.

What I also love about what happened during Journey of Abundance, is that I began working with the concepts of Journey of Fulfillment during Journey of Abundance, so my mind/brain/consciousness is primed and ready to go…at least I hope it is! Until Tomorrow… be well, be happy. Smile. Breathe. Love. Be. Be Love.

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