2016 Journey of Fulfillment Declaration, Commitment, and Dedication

The declaration sets up the commitment, which sets up the action… for more in-depth information about what’s going on here, please see Journey Process.


I declare my intention bring all of the Journeys from 2016 (Heart, Purpose, Worth, Healing, and Abundance) to Fulfillment. May the momentum and evolution that I have generated from each Journey of 2016 carry through into Fulfillment, as I have stated it in Why a Journey of Fulfillment. May I be as open, receptive, willing, and grateful as I possibly can, remembering in each moment my True Source, Love and Oneness, in which I Know myself fulfilled.


I am committed to fulfilling 40 days of meditation/contemplation and writing with focus, engagement, and involvement in the exploration and discovery of my Self and my expression of Fulfillment in the world.

I also commit to continuing to feed my mind/brain with thoughts of Fulfillment, as outlined in Why a Journey of Fulfillment.

I am committed to you and your growth and evolution. May I go deeply, opening new doors, soaring to new heights, so that your way is easier.


I dedicate this Journey to you and to your fulfillment. May you know yourself as the Fulfillment you are, as the Giver and the Gift; may all anxiety or suffering you experience be transmuted by Love, with Love, to Love. May you know yourself as everything you could ever want, within and without.

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