“Being Carried”: Journey of Fulfillment 2.0 – Day 18

Copyright Tam Black 2014 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2014
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Your motivation is your choice. Your intention is your choice. Your will is your choice. In peace, listen within for guidance, so that your actions are motivated by joy, your intentions are loving, and your will is simply to share joy and love.


There’s always a choice right now. The choice in the moment is always “what do I want my mental approach to be?”

I’ve never needed to worry about quitting an addiction, but I once read that a good way for smokers to prepare themselves when they are quitting is to decide in advance what they are going to do when a craving hits. This way, they have a plan in place and when it happens, they don’t have to think, don’t have to make a decision, they already know “this is what I am going to do”, and they just do it.

This can be transferred to the idea of the Guiding Thought. A person can decide in advance what their motivation is, what their intention is, and how to direct their will. That’s one of the reasons for doing the preparation days at the beginning of each Journey. It’s a choice that prepares someone how to approach any given situation. When something comes along to throw someone off, there’s already a plan in place: the decision about how to approach has already been made. There’s no need to think, no decision to be made in the moment, you already know, “this is what I am going to do”.

If you decide in advance that you are motivated by Joy, when a decision comes up, your mind will already know, “I am motivated by Joy” and your actions will follow naturally, toward the event/person/situation that will bring you Joy.

When you decide in advance that you choose to have loving intentions, then as you approach events/people/situations, you already know where your mind/heart is. You always come from a loving place.

Make those choices in the stillness while listening to your Inner Guidance. Keep making those choices, keep listening in the stillness. Let your Inner Wisdom carry you through.

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