“Boulder-chipping with a Ball-peen”: Journey of Fulfillment 2.0 – Day 26

Copyright Tam Black 2014 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2014
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Why would we choose to limit ourselves? To limit reality? All reality is ours and ours to give. In giving and sharing, Joy increases, expanding Love, expanding our experience of LIFE!


Today I had the title before I knew exactly what I was going to write; usually the writing comes first. I knew that today was about progress, about acknowledging the incremental steps that can so often be overlooked, but that ultimately result in life somehow being easier.

Then, when I got here to publish, in my feed was a post from my friend Ka, which said (among other things):

I am appreciating that much of my meditations, reflections, and “duties” to myself throughout the years are paying off in the way I face my experiences. It’s not always easy; but it’s becoming easier. I know when a bad day can wash over me, and I truly find that the following day usually ends up being so much better – as if some grace from nowhere is supporting me in my being “good enough” … And, the truth is, I fear not any development on that part, because what I see happening is so profound that it’ll be simply joy in the coming days, just to wrap my words around its essence, and draw out the nuances and flavors of my experience, describing as time permits, how easier days come with lighter steps.”

More and more, I see and meet others who are on similar journeys as I am. Completely different experiences, but awareness of a shared, underlying progress. Ka says so well, exactly what I wanted to get at today: the work pays off in how I face my experiences; easier days, with lighter steps.

You see, I’ve been chipping away at an obstacle in my life (or in my own mind, for that is really where the experience of life begins). I’ve been writing about it here, admittedly non-specifically and somewhat cryptically, for just over 4 years. This obstacle is why I began the meditations for all 7.25 billion people on the planet during earlier Journeys; this obstacle is one of the things that I focus on during the “we” round, so that I can integrate myself with this “thing” I am inclined to keep far away from me; this obstacle is something that I have worked very much with, in sending/being love and light. This is the longest, biggest obstacle I can recall having ever encountered. It has required me to persevere in holding love and light, at times that I really had no (personal) desire to do so; it has required me to be strong in maintaining my integrity, in being harmless, in wishing good will to all, and in keeping my thoughts focused on Love, Divine Will, and Light (and believe me, at times, I was inclined toward anger, and–I must admit–toward hate and destruction). For years now, I have been chipping away at a boulder of an obstacle…and I am not yet done, though I am optimistic I am close.

That is why Ka’s remarks are poignant. My work is paying off in “the way I face my experiences”…  “It’s not always easy, but it’s becoming easier” …  “I fear not any development on that part, because what I see happening is so profound” …  “easier days come with lighter steps”.

I’m not done, it’s been hard, and I’ve had to work, but Life is lighter and easier somehow in spite of–or because of–this long, trying obstacle. I wish I could convey with words how profound it is to encounter such a challenge, for days, and weeks, and years, and to overcome, to know not only that you can handle it, that Life supports you, but also that you are so much better for it.

There are no easy solutions in situations like this; there is no “one minute guide to enlightenment” or “10 easy steps to living the life you always wanted”. Those types of “solutions” imply that there is a solution, that life is not a process, that life is not a journey, that you can arrive “if you just do this“. No, sometimes in life you need to chip away at a boulder.

But after chipping away, you stand atop the rubble, look around you, and know you can encounter anything with poise, love, and your integrity of Self. Don’t let the obstacles limit how far you can go. Keep chipping.