“The Big Exhale”: Journey of Fulfillment 2.0 – Day 40

Copyright Tam Black 2014 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2014
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I am light. My body is light. I am free. I know my fulfillment: I feel it rise within me, expand out from me.


Ahhhhhhh! Can you feel it? The light. The lightness! “I am free” takes on a whole ’nother meaning on day 40, doesn’t it? It’s a feeling of relief, completion, and “thank God I made it” all rolled into one big exhale.

What a beautiful day. What a beautiful Journey.

The thing about small steps is that progress or change happens almost un-noticeably. What did I do for the past 39 days? What was relevant? What was important? What moved me?

I don’t know the specifics. I can’t identify the what. But I am changed; I am fulfilled. How do I know? Because I love more. Because I am relaxed and enjoying my life, my friends, and my family. I am feeling deeply appreciative for everything. Because even with my car breaking down, several “high-intensity” interactions, several unexpected insertions (“there are no coincidences”), I have been open and flowing (buoyant!).

Life is beautiful. I am fulfilled. I am experiencing being fulfilled—through everything, with everything. This feeling is not coerced or imposed; it’s not affectation or the façade of an underlying desire. It “just is”. And that’s how I know it’s right and it’s real. I haven’t done anything to “make it happen” (except, of course, spend the last 40 days with some bit of attention focused on uncovering it, cultivating it).

This is the power of just a bit of attention every day: small changes which, in the end add up to a shift that is so gradual it’s practically unidentifiable, yet also amazing and powerful. Who I am, when I am being, is not noticeable. It’s like breathing—it’s so natural, you just do it, you just be it, be you. That’s why being is so powerful—you don’t even notice it, yet you live in such a way as that deep, strong, real part of you comes out simply, easily.

I hope that you experience this for yourself. I hope that you have placed some attention on your Inner-Self of Fulfillment, just a bit! these 40 days. I hope that you feel your Inner Self in a new way, in a way that is natural, in a way that is easy. I hope that you know yourself as buoyant, even as anything and everything unexpected comes up. I hope you have experienced the interconnectedness of coincidences. I hope that you love and live and be and know your freedom, your light, your fulfillment.


I’ll be back in just a few days with the Afterword!

The next Journey is Journey of REST. It could also be called Journey of Recuperating, Journey of Integration, Journey of Relaxing, Journey of Gearing-Up-For-The-Next-Journey. Take your pick. See this page under the header Step Back, Relax, and Rest for more information about why this is important.

Rest does not mean idle! I’ll be here, staying in touch, just probably not every day. If you are interested in guest-blogging over the next 2 months, let me know–here’s your opportunity. See this page for more information.


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