Why a Journey of Gratitude?

It’s been a while, so here is a quick reminder why I do the Why a Journey of

The why does two main things:

a) I have to ask to get an answer. What do I want to get out of doing a Journey? What do I hope to accomplish? What does my personality want, what does my higher-self want? Why is gratitude important to me? Asking the questions brings answers.

b) It focuses me, it focuses the Journey. After doing several Journeys, I realized how true this is. By the end of doing a Journey, without knowing how, I address and find new perspectives on all the questions or issues raised in the Why. Often, those new perspectives lead right into the next Journey, the next set of questions. The why sets the stage, then all I have to do is follow the process.

With that…

Why a Journey of Gratitude?

As you know, this site is about my evolution (in this third-dimensional reality) toward enlightened consciousness–Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Enlightenment, Fully Realized whatever words work for you (I like most all of them, but they all convey something a little different).

If I were right now a Fully Realized being (in this third dimensional reality), I would have absolute and unwavering knowledge of and confidence in and of the LOVE I AM.

If I had absolute unwavering knowledge of and confidence in the LOVE I AM, I would KNOW, without hesitation, my ONENESS with All of LIFE.

If I Knew, without hesitation, my ONENESS with All of LIFE, I would trust that LIFE is with me, for me, supporting me, providing for me, loving me, caring for me.

If I trusted that LIFE is with me, for me, supporting me, providing for me, loving me, caring for me, I would overflow with gratitude. Tears of joy and appreciation would stream uncontrollably from my eyes, my heart would be so full I would want to LOVE everyone constantly, fully, loving them as I love myself, the LOVE I AM. I would be grateful for every person, equal to the whole of LIFE. I would welcome every change-shift-transition-beginning-ending, as a beautiful gift from the ALL of LIFE.

I have felt a fraction of this, a small iota, in this third-dimension reality. Enough to know it in my feeling nature, enough to understand it in my intellect, but not enough to hold on to, not enough to replicate, not enough to maintain. But this is what I want: I want such certainty and trust in LOVE and in LIFE that my only choice is to recognize my ONENESS with everything and bless and be grateful for every person and every experience.

That’s why. How about you?

If you’d like to share with me privately, you can email me susanwithpearls@gmail.com. I respond to everyone.

Tomorrow… the commitment and dedication! then we begin the contemplations! How fun!

Thank you for being here. I love you so very much: you bless me and the world with your very presence.

…and we begin.

Welcome to the official pre-opening of the 2017 Journeys.

This year seems very promising…can you feel it, have you sensed it? Change is in the air! Transitions, shifts, endings, beginnings, whatever you want to call it, it’s going to be a big year. I’ve been waiting for it and preparing since 2012, but I still don’t know what to expect. How exciting!

For those of you who have followed along for a while, I’d like you to know that this year will bring 3 *NEW-never-before seen!* Journeys: Journey of Beauty, Journey of Creation, Journey of Peace. AHHHHH. Breathe deeply.

For those of you just beginning, or new to the Journeys, this is basically how it works: everything here is for my enlightenment, for your enlightenment. The Journeys provide a framework for focusing the mind on high-quality thoughts of Love and Oneness and service and such. Each day, I provide one of these high-quality thoughts, and I contemplate it (something I do very well). Then I write about my contemplation, and invite you to do the same (in your own space/time). Sometimes my contemplations expose parts of myself that need purifying love, forgiveness, or healing. Sometimes they are very matter-of-fact. Sometimes they are joyous expressions of love and being alive. Sometimes they are unpredictable! Depends on the day…and there’s always another day.

Now we begin! Journey of Gratitude! Welcome! Why a Journey of Gratitude

Prayer for 2017

Greetings All! Oh, how I have missed being here…But I had a very recuperative time away.

Journey of Gratitude BEGINS TODAY!

But first, I want to share my prayer for 2017 with you. Each year, I set up an intention, so that I aim my rudder the direction I want to go.  This prayer is that, for me, for 2017. It is what I invoke each day, for each action, each Journey. This year is about embodying the consciousness of Love and Freedom, and being the transmitter for Love and Freedom, so that ALL may Know Love and Freedom.

I’ve adapted this from a portion of  Patricia Cota-Robles‘ Meditation on the Violet Flame. If you like it, adapt it for yourself. Change the words in such a way so they resonate with you, with the names for God that you prefer, with your own intentions for this year (I have made this version a bit more generic than the one I actually use).

Prayer for 2017

In the name, love, wisdom, power and authority of the beloved, Divine, victorious presence of God-I-Am, I speak directly to the heart of the Divine.

Sacred, Holy Divine ONE, enfold me in the purifying, forgiving, healing substance of your light, energy, and essence, which causes the consciousness and feeling of Divine Love and Freedom to flow through me constantly to bless ALL LIFE.

Let your purifying, Divine essence super-saturate my mind, heart, will, and body to overflowing, so that the air and atmosphere wherever I live, move, breathe, or have my being is filled with Your presence, providing tangible proof of Divine reality to All humanity, and All beings.

Beloved Holy ONE, direct your Divine helpers on earth and in heaven to transmit your purifying, healing energy of Love and Freedom into the hearts of every Soul, so that we will ALL learn to use our Light to the fullest, in the service of Life and the cause of Freedom on earth.

Beloved God, I LOVE YOU. I do now, most earnestly and sincerely call you into dynamic action. Perpetually flood the beings, dimensions, times, and worlds of All sentient beings with your loving, transmuting, essence. Enable each one to Know that your Loving, Healing Presence will always bring comfort, happiness, and release from anything that is not of Your Light. Enfold All sentient beings in the power of Your Light and transmute all imperfections in their lives in Divine Order, through Divine Love.

Beloved, Holy ONE, Your light, Your energy, Your essence, now heals our bodies, harmonizes and stabilizes our feelings, illumines our consciousness and reveals our Freedom, raising us into full mastery over all human appearances, desires, and feelings–now, and forever sustained.