…and we begin.

Welcome to the official pre-opening of the 2017 Journeys.

This year seems very promising…can you feel it, have you sensed it? Change is in the air! Transitions, shifts, endings, beginnings, whatever you want to call it, it’s going to be a big year. I’ve been waiting for it and preparing since 2012, but I still don’t know what to expect. How exciting!

For those of you who have followed along for a while, I’d like you to know that this year will bring 3 *NEW-never-before seen!* Journeys: Journey of Beauty, Journey of Creation, Journey of Peace. AHHHHH. Breathe deeply.

For those of you just beginning, or new to the Journeys, this is basically how it works: everything here is for my enlightenment, for your enlightenment. The Journeys provide a framework for focusing the mind on high-quality thoughts of Love and Oneness and service and such. Each day, I provide one of these high-quality thoughts, and I contemplate it (something I do very well). Then I write about my contemplation, and invite you to do the same (in your own space/time). Sometimes my contemplations expose parts of myself that need purifying love, forgiveness, or healing. Sometimes they are very matter-of-fact. Sometimes they are joyous expressions of love and being alive. Sometimes they are unpredictable! Depends on the day…and there’s always another day.

Now we begin! Journey of Gratitude! Welcome! Why a Journey of Gratitude

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