Gratitude: Commitment and Dedication

I’ve been working on learning how to focus my mind toward an intention, a commitment, or a dedication. These things are all a bit different, but they all work together.

Yesterday, the Why basically laid out the intention: this (as I mentioned yesterday) gives the mind a direction, setting up the lens through which you want to see/experience things that come up in your life for the next 40 days. You will be more apt to pay attention to things for which you are grateful, and also more pre-disposed to interpreting your experiences as things to be grateful for.

The commitment follows from the intention. The commitment lays out the actions that you will take (as best you can) with the purpose of fulfilling your intention. For these Journeys, the action is contemplating the guiding thought, then writing, but really you can commit to any action, as long as you do it to fulfill your intention.

The dedication then takes that action, which is performed for the purpose of fulfilling the intention, and offers it to a higher intention, a higher purpose, the essence of the Why. For me, that essence is always about enlightenment, or mastery, for myself and All.

All of these can be very simple and straight-forward, or they can be elaborate–whatever seems to work for you. Sometimes bullet points work, sometimes you need to ramble and explore a bit. It all works, just be as sincere and authentic as you can as you are doing it.


I commit to reading and contemplating each Guiding Thought for at least 5 minutes every day for the next forty days, and then to write (or draw/color) a reflection about that contemplation.


I dedicate my intention, my action, and the results of my actions to my enlightenment, for the enlightenment of all beings. May we all Know Love, Oneness, and Truth.

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