Ummm, what’s the alternative, exactly? – Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 07

“If you are not really living, this moment, you are not really living.” -Random internet quote


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Guiding Thought

Life is beautiful. There is nothing other than Life. Life is within me; Life pours out from me. Everything everywhere is Life. Life is Being. I am Life. All that I am, I offer in praise and thanks to all of Life.


Can you hear my boisterous laugh?

I saw the quote above about “not really living” and thought, what a great contrasting quote for today’s Guiding Thought. I mean… how can anyone be “not really living” in any moment?

Yes, I know, I get it… it’s supposed to be a motivation to live life to the fullest in every moment, or something like that. But, it sounds as though there is an alternative, when there isn’t. When you say, “you need to eat” it’s not like you can say, “hey, you need to eat, but you can’t swallow your food”. Or “we want you to pre-pay after your purchase”. It doesn’t work that way.

Life is. You are. Life is FULL. You are FULL. You are Full of LIFE. You are always Living. There is no alternative.

Stop thinking that you are not “really” living. You are. This is life, you are in it, start seeing it. (there’s that seeing again).

However, I acknowledge “the gap”: If you don’t feel like you are “really” living; if there are parts of your life that you “really” don’t like; if you look at a picture of someone living in a treehouse, on a yacht, or travelling the world, and you think “now that’s really living”, then there is something missing from your experience of Life. The gap is between what you think life is, and how you experience it.

It feels like, it seems like, it appears as though there is a life that would be better, think about what message that sends to the life you are living: “Not good enough”. “Dissatisfied”. “Never enough”. Think about how those messages limit Life from fully expressing through you.

It’s not about having life, or having a life. It’s about being life. How can that ever be less than, or not good enough?

Pearls of Vision (Join in on Twitter, #pearlsofvision)

Keeping with today’s theme: May we all Know ourselves as FULL, and as Life, and as Full of Life!


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