Keepin’ it real– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 13

It’s a little rocky today, but I found a surprise through writing. Hopefully you will get the surprise, also. I am always (still!) amazed at how the writing brings out what is waiting in the wings; everything falls perfectly into place, always. I’m going to keep that thought in mind for my life journey!


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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Fill your mind with the Light of the Truth of Love. What more is there? In the Light of the Truth, you are Free. What more is there? Your consciousness expands in the Truth of Love, forever One, forever Joyful, forever in Peace.


I’m having trouble today. It’s not with the Guiding Thought, or the process, or the Journey, or anything in my life. The trouble (as it so often is) is with my mind. I feel a disconnection between my mind and heart, my thoughts and my feelings.

My heart wants to feel this, to really go into it, to know the truth, to feel the love, to feel the joy and peace. But it ain’t happening. How do I feel it? This has been an ongoing question this Journey. I don’t know how to make myself feel it, and the more I focus on getting there, the further I get away from it (probably because it’s my mind that is doing the focusing).

Every moment with the mind is an opportunity to reform the mind.

I don’t even doubt today; I am not feeling skeptical. I know this is right and true (“I believe!”). Above all else, I want the Light of the Truth of Love. What more is there? without resistance, without contingencies or qualifiers…

Then why can’t I feel it?

You see…it goes in waves, one rolling in after the other, and who knows what the next one brings. Wasn’t it just a couple days ago that I felt totally in it?

I SO want to authentically encourage you, to tell you in a genuine way about my experience today with Truth, with Love, with Life. I want to share Joy and Peace, so that it is infectious, so you can feel it, beaming through while reading this, so that when you feel it, you know, “this is all I want”, “this is REAL”, “this is amazing”, “am amazing”. I want that for me; I want that for you.

Here’s what’s interesting: did you just feel it, reading that paragraph? Writing about not feeling it, then writing about wanting to feel it, I felt it. Did you? Read that paragraph again, it’s there. It a trickle, but it’s there. Tune in to the subtlety.

Authentically writing about not feeling it, and wanting to feel it, did more for provoking the feeling than trying to fake my way through. Keepin’ it real is always the way to go.


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