Love like Love–Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 24




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Guiding Thought

Through gratitude, our consciousness of Love expands, connecting each with All. Gratitude increases our awareness of unity; gratitude shows us our Wholeness. Gratitude is the bridge to knowing each other as One. What gifts we are to each other!


Can you imagine a world in which we appreciate everyone as a gift? Can you imagine a world in which everyone sees everyone as gifts to each other? Can you imagine a world of appreciating the uniqueness of each person, of seeing it as valuable and beautiful?

This is what gratitude does. It shows us how unique, valuable, and beautiful each person is.

However, because gratitude is a bridge to Unity, Oneness, and a greater consciousness of Love, our hearts and minds must be open to that Oneness, Unity, and Love, in order for gratitude to do what it does. When our minds and hearts are stuck within a certain perimeter, then anything outside that perimeter is excluded from the Oneness, Unity, and Love.

The thing is, Oneness, Unity, and Love do not exclude anything or anyone. 

If you find yourself excluding someone…because of a skin color, garments, hairstyle, makeup, tattoos or piercings, a head-covering, or for any reasonyou have limited what gratitude can do through you and for you; you have limited your access to the infinity of Love.

Love like Love loves you. Love with abandon. Love freely. Love generously. If you do not know how Love loves you, learn. Go after it. Seek it. When you get a glimpse of how much Love loves you, you will see that Love really is infinite. There is Love enough for ALL, forever and always, for every form, every person, every being, every bit of everything.

“I embraced her in sympathy and then it happened…Love in all its expansiveness, beyond all words, flowed through me. My self was dissolved in it; I was no longer present; the feeling of happiness was indescribable, infinite. “I” didn’t exist as such anymore. Love was all there was. Everything contained in it…

Then the first fleeting thought came into awareness, ‘what are you doing?’…Slowly and steadily, I became conscious of my body… ‘I drank from you’, she said.”

From Babaji the Unfathomable, p. 18

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