Logical inconsistencies exposed–Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 35

Don’t let the title throw you. This is more about the exposure, than about logic. In this case, the exposure is both a vulnerable place, as well as an encouragement: Vulnerable because there is fragility in feeling out of control; encouragement, because within that there’s a higher purpose.


Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

When I am aware of my Self of Love, I see the world through new eyes. Love is the Source of all I see, all I experience; it is the very activity of Life itself. I place my faith in the principle of Love and receive with gratitude all my experiences.


What do I say I believe? … vs … What do I think about what I experience?


What do I want to believe …vs … How I behave

For example, if I say I believe, or want to believe Love is the Source of all I see, all I experience


If I if I say I believe, or want to believe that Love is All Good, Only good


I must think and behave as though all I see, all I experience is All Good, Only good

In this, I have been both challenged and assured lately.

I’ve had several experiences that have felt like my world is falling apart: tumultuous, out of control, chaotic. I thought very hard about how I was perceiving and what I want to believe, knowing that I want to believe in (have faith in) the principle of Love.

There was inconsistency. I was experiencing chaos, turmoil, which is not compatible with fully believing in (trusting) Love.

So, I prayed. “You who knew me before I was born, in thy infinite grace, mercy, love, and kindness…assure me, help me to understand, help me to have faith in You as Love, as the Source of All Good”. Well…. if emotions had words, that’s a near-proximity of what the words would have been.

What I “heard” in response was, “Trust that everything I send you…everything…is for your highest good, your highest spiritual development.” It was more than “hearing”, it was feeling the truth behind the words.

Relief! In that moment, I experienced I place my faith in the principle of Love and receive with gratitude all my experiences. I saw how every encounter is perfect, and how gratitude for everything is the absolutely perfect response.

In my experience, I felt and experienced a shift. Love does work miracles.

As with so many things (in my experience) on the spiritual path, those moments of relief come, wash over me, give me that relief, then pass…and leave me with a memory of the feeling: just enough to hold on to, enough to motivate me, to inspire me, to make me keep going toward that feeling, so that I might merge with it again, intentionally, consciously.

Now, I am between these two states: still fragile in the face of what I perceive as chaos, turmoil, and strife with remnants of the inspired moment, I am neither fully free of my own perceptions, nor fully enveloped in the faith of love.



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