Love’s Possibilities–Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 36

Have you been mystified by the world, our leaders, the cultural/political climate? This article is about options. What can I do, when I don’t know what to do. Spoiler alert: the answer is always Love.


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Guiding Thought

When I look within and see the radiance of Love, I remember my wholeness. I am wholly loving and wholly lovable. In the purity of Love lays peace, which I share with all in gratitude.


We live at a time when duality, opposites, separation, and polarization have been the dominant thought-form for centuries, even millennia. How we think about nearly everything is conditioned by this history. History has “proven” the reality of duality, opposites, separation, and polarization, has it not? We believe in the “reality”, because it is what we have learned, what we have experienced.

Do thoughts not create our reality? Do I not have the opportunity right here, right now, to have a reality of my own choosing, based on thoughts that I choose? Yes, but…

When we are born, all we learn or experience is based on a previous generation of thought-forms telling us what is “real”. We are born into a world that was constructed by someone else, and then told, “have your own thoughts, create your own reality”. But what model can we use? The only one we know is what we are taught, which currently is predominantly dualistic.

What does that mean, in practical terms?

This morning, there was a news story about immigrant raids in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. There were over 10,000 comments on the story condemning the action. I thought, “What can we do? What choice do people have? Either they can raise a ruckus, take up arms, and “fight” in whatever way they know, or they can passively let the government raid their communities, and allow their friends and loved ones to be deported. Neither is acceptable”.

Either/Or. Fight or be passive. This was my own dualistic response to this news story. But then I realized that there is another way; we may just not see it right now.

Here is how I know: I’ve been “doing the work of Love” for a while now, and apparently the work has paid off. Recently, I’ve had several situations which began with a familiar conflict, sort of like severe personality conflict, or conflict with authority (to give you a frame of reference). As these conflicts “began” I felt the old, either/or–the only solutions I could see to the conflict were fight or passivity and neither was acceptable. So I made a point to pray, and ask for infinite, unconditional Love to enter. Wouldn’t you know it? Each of the situations smoothed out, effortlessly. I have no idea “how”, except for the invocation of Love.

The solutions were, in my experience small miracles, but all I did was change my thoughts from only seeing two options, to thoughts which could include all possibilities. This is what Love does. It includes, and takes into consideration the good of the whole. Love sees all options, and when we think in terms of love, those options become available to us as reality.

When I thought about the news story this morning, and heard my dualistic reaction, there was immediately a part of me that recalled these recent miracles, and I knew there is another way for the immigration-raids to be resolved. We don’t see it yet, but Love does. We simply need to invoke Love’s solution, through thinking Love.

There is hope in this world for all the current conflicts, for us to create a new reality, one that we have not inherited, a reality based in the inclusion of all possibilities, for the good of All.

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