Connect with your Soul #1 of 3

Since I have some time between Journeys (Journey of Courage begins Fed 25), here the beginning of a short series I wrote to meditate on building a better relationship with my Soul. Think of it as affirmations; read it like a meditation. Invite your Soul to participate in your life!


I now prepare my mind, heart, energy, will, and body to receive the love and support of Divine beings of light and love. I invite, welcome, accept and receive Divine Light and Love, for the benefit of all. I affirm: I am willing to Know my Soul, to Love as my Soul loves, to live as my Soul, to co-create with God my highest Divine purpose.

My Soul Knows Wholeness, Pure Oneness, and my Source—God. Through my consciousness of my Soul, I connect with Spirit, which expresses God through my personality and co-creates my physical reality.

My consciousness of my Soul connects me to Infinite Being, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite manifestation (Om Namah Shivaya). My Soul directs my personality—my mind, heart, and will—into alignment with Om Namah Shivaya, for its perfect, divine expression. My Soul draws the Love, Light, vibration, and energy of Om Namah Shivaya to me.

My consciousness now expands and I experience my Soul’s highest Love, Light, Wisdom, and Joy.

My Soul needs me to become a master in the physical world over form and matter for my spiritual advancement, for the benefit of all. I achieve mastery through union with my Soul, carrying out its goals and purposes.

When I live and act through my consciousness of my Soul, I am being my Highest Self. My personality is an instrument, which my Soul uses to carry out Divine Purpose.

I now call upon my Soul’s attention! I ask my Soul to stimulate my highest self, aligning my personality with my Soul’s Divine Purpose! I ask my Soul’s purifying, transformational energy to enter my consciousness, to work within me that I may master the physical world through Knowledge of its will!

Whether I am aware of it or not, my Soul is always loving me and directing me.

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