Connect with your Soul #2 of 3

Enlightened Ones! Beings of Light! Throughout time you assist in Divine Purpose. Come now to my aid in your infinite wisdom, that I may join your efforts and contribute my uniqueness of Divine Being to the All.

Masters of Love! Servants of Light! Infinite in number you are! Here and now we are in union. All beings of Divine Love and Light serve together the ALL in joy and harmony, in peace and hope.

From deep within I call to my Soul. With utmost honor, respect, and gratitude I open my consciousness and ask of my Soul, “come! Be me! I am ready!”

My magnificent, powerful, beautiful soul! How Divine you are! What glory you exude, what serenity you embody, what wisdom you reveal. Your love for me is so beautiful, your acceptance of me so vast. May we always be One.

I am my soul, my soul is me. Created by Source as Divine Love and Light, what an exquisite, wonderful and Divine being I Am!

My Soul—who is me—wills with me only Divine Love and Light. What peace and joy we share!

My body’s heart merges with my Soul’s Crystal Jewel of brilliant rainbow light. I watch as this new light radiates from my heart center. There is no end to it! The deeper I go into my heart’s new light, the more infinite and expansive is my awareness.

In merging with my soul, I merge with Spirit, and Om Namah Shivaya, emerging as my unique Divine personality, my Self as I was created.

With my heart filled with pure love for All, I am the temple of God, happy, free, and safe; infinitely loved and loving.


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