The reality within: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 020

Inner mindfulness is not like outer mindfulness, but there is a whole reality in there to give attention and awareness to.


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Guiding Thought

Be aware, allow, accept What Is. Go within to your silent Self which Knows and follow your Inner Wisdom to Truth. Practice Divine Balance in thought, word, and action. You Are! You Are your Self! You Are your Self of Love!


It used to be that when I thought, “What is?”, I would look around, notice, and acknowledge the various things hitting my senses. What is? I am sitting in a blue chair; I feel my bum and thighs in the seat; I feel the arches of my feet stretched from having my toes on the base… What is? I feel the breath move through my nasal cavity. I feel it expand my lungs, and when I breathe deeply enough, I feel my diaphragm…What is? I see the candle, with a flame sitting on a shelf; I smell it’s fresh scent…etc. This is a version of mindfulness: relaxing and noticing the experience, in sort of a slow-motion awareness.

Is refers to existence, so a synonymous question might be, What exists or What is real? When I ask What is of my senses, my senses return that answer, and I am shown the variety of sensory stimuli that I might otherwise not have noticed, and certainly not with as much attention or awareness.

Today’s practice leads me a different direction–within. What is within?  What exists within? What is real within?

I am less-well practiced at having my attention and awareness on the what is within.  With today’s practice, I have a guide: my silent Self which Knows.

It’s not like I can just look around and describe what I “see”. I must feel. Describing what I feel, then seems to take me away from the feeling itself, so it’s almost counter-productive to try to be mindful of what I feel within. It’s better just to feel it, let it be.

What is the reality within? What is the Truth of my existence within? When I ask What is of my inner Self, I may not understand it, but I know that answers are being returned. The questions alone bring me the reality of me: I am! I am my Self! I am my Self of Love!



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