Identify with Life: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 021

We are half-way done! Give yourself a big hug–only 20 days left to go! The pronoun changes again for this round, now we will be using “we”. This is the “unifying round”. I am not just I, you are not just you. We are we, together, all One. I cannot be in this by myself or for myself, only with you and for you, equal to myself. This round serves to expand your notion of “you” into this unity.


Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Life is a process of Self-discovery. We embrace All of Life, for All of Life is who we Are. As we embrace Life as our Self, we come to understand Life as ourselves. Life embraces us gently and joyfully in return.


This is almost another way of saying, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”, but there is so much more to it! Let me explain:

We need to start in the middle of the Guiding Thought for this: All of Life is who we are. I repeat: All of Life is who we are.

What is All of Life? Everything. All that exists. The Oneness and Unity of everything. We cannot step outside of Life. Wherever we go, we are in Life; however we exist, that is Life. Life is everywhere, all-inclusive, all-permeating, infinite. We are this Life, individualized. We cannot not know all of this Life as its totality (for how can our limited senses and understanding know infinity?), but we do recognize that we are in the sum that makes up the totality. If we want to understand more of the totality of Life, we need to be able to increase the part of ourselves that is the part of infinity which is individualized as us, within the totality.

How do we do that? First, we have to accept that we are in life, embrace All of Lifebegin to recognize that everything we experience is an expression of Infinite Life individualized. Each encounter, each thought, each emotion expresses Life. We embrace each tiny detail of Life as an expression of the totality of Life and begin to see the Oneness and Unity that is at the heart of every encounter, emotion, and thought.

Second, after we notice every detail abiding within Infinite Life, then we can begin to identify with that Life as who we are. This is the meaning of a spiritual being having a human experience. The extent to which I identify myself with Infinite Life is the extent that I am conscious of being a spiritual being, having a human experience. It’s the whole identifying with the infinite that makes all the difference.

This is why Life is a process of Self-discovery. We cannot bring infinity into ourselves all at once; we cannot understand all of infinity with any sensory perceptions, or a limited human body. But we can expand our awareness and understanding of our connection with All that Is, and through that awareness and understanding we are assured of our connection with All. 

Each time we understand in a new way, expanding our consciousness, that energy goes back into the All that Is, expanding All, taking on new forms. This is how Life embraces us gently in return. Our growth that happens in our process of self-discovery feeds the consciousness of All, which then generates an impulse, and excitement (like an atom becomes excited), which goes back out for All to again experience and make new discoveries.

It’s so much more than just claiming myself as a “spiritual being”. It’s a lived experience of awareness, understanding, and assurance of my individualized connection with All. Only I can do that, through my own Self-discovery, for I am All of Life.

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