The elephant is the solar system: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 23

These Journeys lead. Or, perhaps, You lead yourself through these Journeys. I know that everyone is lead according to their own mind-heart-dedication-focus-desires-etc., and that no one will be lead in exactly the same way that I am. However, the nature of the Guiding Thoughts is to give a portion of an idea, then add a bit to it, then a bit more, all the way through, so that by the time you have completed 10 days, 20 days, 40 days, you have put all the portions together for something new–a more complete picture, a deeper (experiential) understanding.

Today I’ve come to an enormous thought. It’s so big, my explanation is very lack luster, perhaps even confusing. If you would like to plod through, I would be honored; however, if you don’t have the patience today, I’ve summed up the main ideas as bullet points at the end.


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Guiding Thought

Love is unconditional. We choose to be unconditionally devoted to the Love which is unconditionally devoted to us. We embrace life in Love as our True nature. Connected with All in Love, we stand boldly in our heart-centers, unwavering in our dedication to Unity of Life in Love.


The three words which are circling around me are: dedication, devotion, offer.  Yesterday the focus was dedication and offer; today is dedication and devotion.

Is dedication a link between offer and devotion? What is the relationship between dedication and devotion? What is the relationship between dedication and offer? What is the relationship between devotion and dedication and offer? Is devotion different than dedication (I think about this one a lot)?

I do not currently have these answers. I am, however, seeing a new way of understanding how relationships work. Everything is related; it just depend on how you put it together.

I am seeing a representation of this as a solar system: Let’s say the sun is Love–it stands still and is constant. Then, each planet represents a different word: Mercury could be devoted; Venus could be dedicated; Earth could be offer; Mars could be Unity; et cetera.

As the “planets” revolve around the “sun”, they change their relationship with both the sun and the other planets. So at one point in the revolution, we can observe how Love relates to dedication at that point, which is influenced by how dedication relates to devotion and offer at that point. Those relationship constantly change throughout the revolution.

Wow. sorry. my head is spinning. It’s like I can see how different aspects of a concept (or word) get highlighted or minimized , depending on their relationship with everything. Each “planet” also has a spin, so that affects the relationships. Depending on what aspect of Mercury/devotion is “facing” Mars/Unity will be the part that is  primarily highlighted, during that point in the cycle. All of that is then also in relation with the spin position of the other planets, and their relation to each other.

It’s an enormous thought, and I believe I have a better understanding “how” astrology “works” (though that is not actually relevant).  I know I have not explained it well, and the metaphor might be a bit confusing, but I hope you have seen a sliver of the bigger picture.

This article, which I wrote almost three years ago does a better job explaining. It seems I’ve been “thinking” about this for a while….

Here are the bottom lines:

  • Everything is related to everything else.
  • Everything is made of different “aspects” of itself: think: light shooting through a prism, facets cut in a diamond, or walking around blindfolded and touching an elephant.
  • Every relationship has a multitude of components, each with a multitude of aspects.
  • The perception of the relationship will change, depending on which aspects you are focusing on.
  • Ultimately all aspects are Unified in the totality of Love and Life. Love and Life are the elephant.


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