Your Mind. Your Thoughts. Your Life: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 36

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Guiding Thought

I am responsible! I am able to respond with and through conscious awareness of my inner-centered, silent Knowingness. I practice Knowingness moment by moment. Anchored in my inner-harmony, I have the courage to face my own thoughts and actions.


Do you believe thought is creative? Do you believe your thoughts create your reality? These are ideas that have become reasonably commonplace in anyone interested in New Age, New Thought, or Spiritual growth. Do you believe these ideas?

think the idea that thought is creative is probably correct, but I cannot say that I believe it. Belief has a level of faith, supported by direct experience that I have not experienced fully enough to say I believe it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some pretty incredible experiences with thought-creations…just not enough for me be fully faith-full. What it’s going to take for me to be fully on board, is for me to embody naturally, easily, and effortlessly the ideas of today’s Guiding Thought.

If thought is creative, then I am creating every second, and every detail of my life is something that I have created.

Now that I’ve said that “out loud” (so to say), I feel like that is true, 100%. Every detail of my life is something I have created. I need to think about that a bit more… Looking at my life’s big decisions: home/where I live, job, relationship, and all of the minutia involved in those, I have chosen, worked for, and decided to have everything that I have. I’ve done it…No one other than me has done it.

I am responsible!

So, why did I start off saying that I “cannot say I believe it”? …Because I do not yet have full conscious awareness of my inner-centered, silent Knowingness. In other words, I cannot consciously direct my thoughts to create what I want to create, on demand (yet, but I am working on it).

There can be a disconnect or a time-lag between having a thought and what it creates. Also, I may not be able to recognize which thought created which form. There is not a seeming direct-correlation between thought and form.  Because “things happen” without a direct recognizable relationship to a thought, and they happen hours, days, weeks, or months after the generative thought, it can certainly seem like “you” did not create it, that your thoughts had no part in creating your experience. Another complication is that sometimes several thoughts come together to create one experience, and sometimes those thoughts conflict with each other, then the experience is one of ambiguity or conflict. 

If you believe that your thought is creative, then you must take responsibility for all your thoughts and all your experiences. This can take courage. What is your life like now? Do you feel like you have chosen every aspect of your life, or has life just happened “to” you?

You do not have to believe that your thought is creative. But if you don’t, then you will always feel like you are at the mercy and whim of whatever life wants to throw at you.

If you do choose to believe that your thought is creative, then it is imperative that you take responsibility for every detail of your life, that you begin to improve the quality of your thoughts, clarify your thoughts, and begin to observe the cause-effect nature of how your thoughts come out in your experiences and forms. It’s a lot of work, but I choose this. It’s also a lot of fun.



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