Journey of Courage 2017 – Afterword

I began Journey of Courage with the intention of learning courage as being completely at Peace in all situations (contrasted with the old adage, “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”).

As with all of these Journeys, the intention is to bring spiritual principles into every day life, into all experiences, interactions, and relationships. Sometimes it takes courage just to wake up and get out of bed in the morning, to face the day. Having the support of spiritual principles to apply to every situation has helped me feel more courageous overall.

I’m not saying I am brave, necessarily. But I do feel strengthened in confidence in myself, and in my reliance on principles that supersede mundane material expectations. Yes. If there is one word to sum up how I feel overall about how I have advanced on this Journey, I would say it’s confident.

Some of the themes that came up for me, that seem perhaps disconnected from courage, were: trust, Oneness, authenticity, responsibility (thoughts and actions), and–perhaps most important–being courageous to take actions that correspond with my highest thoughts.

I can see now, with hindsight, how Journey of Courage leads me into Journey of Creation (begins June 9, 2017). You see: creation, as I see it, is co-creating with God, or allowing Divine Will to work through me to accomplish the highest Love and Service to all Life.

This requires a very different type of courage than the courage of facing a conflict, dealing with a mean person or bully, or stretching beyond mental or physical limits.

The courage to co-create with God is the courage to trust the unknown, believe in (have faith in) the unseen, and to follow a voice that can be barely perceptible, and which sometimes sounds irrational. It’s the courage of trust and surrender, the courage of recognizing Divine Will everywhere, of seeing the light in others, even when those people seem to be shrouded in darkness and ignorance.

Spiritual courage is the courage to live in integrity, through principles that reflect the highest ideals humanity can offer, and bringing those ideals to every interaction, regardless of the integrity or principles of any other person or party.

Living with this type of courage brings those ideals to life. When we get to Journey of Creation, this will all come back into play. The courage you (or I) have built over the 40 days through Journey of Courage, will feed you, and strengthen what you are able to accomplish in your creative life efforts. And it will be good, so very good!

Next, however, we will go through Journey of Beauty. Because if life is ugly, why live in it? Let’s learn what beauty is, together, so that when we do Journey of Creation, we will already be of like-mind to create the Beautiful…together.

Journey of Beauty: begins tomorrow!



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