Journey of Beauty–Day 01

Today’s Questions

How does one act with Beauty? How does one bring Beauty to mundane tasks or actions? Is Beauty created, when one brings Beauty to a project? How does one embody Beauty?


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Aesthetically speaking, these cave drawings are incredibly beautiful. Clearly, humans from 35,000 years ago had an innate sense of Beauty.


Beauty is a quality, like courage is a quality, or like kindness is a quality, or Love is a quality. I have a pretty good idea what it means to act with courage, or with kindness, or with love. But what does it mean to act with beauty?

In a way, this does not even feel like it makes sense. It’s like a synesthesia, If I were to say “this candy tastes blue”, or “I feel that music, as feathers on my skin”, there is something in those statements that doesn’t quite make sense, just like it feels off to say “I act with beauty”.

Yet, I feel like it’s important to think about how actions are done beautifully. In beauty, I feel that there is a connection between inner and outer. When I am beauty, I act beautifully. The question is: how am I beauty? How do I be full of Beauty? (Do you feel how this is different than saying “how am I beautiful”? It shifts the mind just enough, for an opening into a different way of thinking about Beauty.)

I contemplated this most of the day today, with this Navajo prayer playing in my head: “Now I walk in Beauty, Beauty is before me. Beauty is behind me, above and below me.” (video here)

Walking in beauty in this sense, seems to convey the quality of inner beauty, as well as walking in a world that is beautiful: there is a relationship between the person and the world. Have you ever done a meditation where you surround yourself with light? That’s what this feels like to me, but instead of  being surrounded by light, I am surrounded by beauty.

Thinking about this all day fulfilled the first point of my commitment for the Journey: Looking for Beauty.

The second point of my commitment is: Intentionally creating something Beautiful. So, you know what I did? I cleaned my car.

Does that count? I kept asking myself, as I was cleaning it, if it counts. Remember, that I was also thinking about doing it beautifully, being beauty, as I cleaned my car. I wanted to explore the idea of bringing beauty to mundane tasks.

Since it’s the first day, I don’t have much to report. I don’t yet know what it feels like to act in Beauty, or to bring Beauty to life. But I was pleased with my exploration and constant consideration of the topic today.

Finally, the third point is: Connecting with my Beautiful Self. I did this for a few minutes this morning, before I started my day. Again, I felt like I was exploring something new, even though it was similar to such things as prayer of the heart or centering down.

I succeeded in feeling an opening, a flow, or an energy (golden warmth). But more than this I can’t confirm or describe, and it lasted only a few minutes. I don’t know what I did, and I hope that I can replicate it.

And we’ve begun! I am glad you are here. I hope that your exploration into Beauty has begun…beautifully! Love and gratitude for your being, here, now, and always.




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