Journey of Beauty–Day 03

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“Divine Beauty manifested through earthly beauties never ceases to be Itself, in spite of the limitations of relativity.” -Frithjof Schuon

Let your own heart sing for you need no other song.
Yours is the beauty for which the sun rises.
Yours is the beauty the stars attend.
Yours is the beauty for which winter compromises,
the fields wave,
the waves rush,
and the rushes bend.
Yours is the beauty the worlds have come to celebrate. –

Today’s Questions

Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you have any idea what Beauty created you, what Beauty adorns you, what Beauty permeates and surrounds you? Do you know all Beauty is a gift of Love, leading you to Itself?


Immersing myself in the study of Beauty, Beauty springs up all around me. When I look, I find beauty everywhere.

Beauty is as much a state of mind, or an attitude, as it is an objective quality. “Walking in Beauty” means to walk with humility, sincerity, respect, sensitivity, courtesy, appreciation for all forms of life, and of all things that aid in our lives. Walking in Beauty, is to walk with an inner-quality of grace that becomes objectified in all manners and actions.

As such, Beauty is a characteristic that can be learned, cultivated, expressed, developed, and increased.

As inner Beauty is developed, more beauty is expressed outwardly. The outward, objectified beauty then opens the door to the deep place within which Knows Beauty, stimulating the mind and heart, creating a receptive and fertile soil within for Its further cultivation.

Inner Beauty—CREATES—outer beauty—STIMULATES—Inner Beauty—CREATES MORE—outer beauty—STIMULATES—more Inner Beauty.

Reminder/ Checklist: Looking for Beauty. Intentionally creating something Beautiful. Connecting with my Beautiful Self.




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