Journey of Beauty–Day 10

Peasant bread
Recipe here:

I think one of the reasons I like food blogs is that many have a tone of wistful remembrances, smattered with family and friends, and often some life lesson, story, or insight that many people feel connected with. I think I like them because I don’t think I have quite the skill to write that way. My writing (in my mind) is direct, philosophical. I don’t tell stories, or try to reach across any aisles; I just say what I say.

In my mind, food bloggers do with writing what soft focus does to photos. The writing feels dreamy and inviting, like if you were there, you’d be sitting next to a fire with a cup of hot cocoa and whatever the recipe of the day is. There is comfort, nostalgia, warmth, and good feelings in so many food bloggers’ writing.

Soft focus
Photo credit: unknown

Some of the themes of these Journeys are discovery, and learning new things. Goodness knows I have a lot of discovery and learning to do in the area of Beauty. Today, I am working on taking a lesson from food bloggers. I baked bread today, while thinking about good friends, camaraderie, wonderful smells, and nurturing my friends and family with food.

You see, these things do not come naturally to me: my cooking and baking is often much like my writing–direct and with a purpose. I don’t bake thinking about what kind of life lessons there are or insights I can gain from the process. To approach Beauty from a food angle, taking a lesson from food bloggers is a stretch for me, but a good stretch, as I am learning and discovering!

I first made this bread about 6 months ago. It’s easy, does not take a lot of time, and there is no kneading. It fills the house with that amazing fresh baked smell. It is moist with a crunchy crust, and is perfect for toast or grilled cheese. The bread today is for the occasion of a dear friend who will be joining us for the evening, bringing several different whiskys. A whisky tasting evening! With homemade soup and fresh baked bread.

Peasant bread “buns”
Recipe here:

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