Journey of Beauty–Day 13

Today’s Questions

Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you have any idea what Beauty created you, what Beauty adorns you, what Beauty permeates and surrounds you? Do you know all Beauty is a gift of Love, leading you to Itself?


Driving to work this morning, it seemed all I could see, all I could notice, was the sunlight through the trees.

Rain had fallen on and off for the two hours prior to my drive. Some–not all– of the leaves glistened magnificently with the fresh water. There was a contrast between the the obviously still-wet leaves, and the drier leaves, making a very subtle play with the light.

The colors, too were simply magnificent–those fresh spring greens, pale pinks of the blossoming cherries, or the pale white and light pink of the dogwoods, contrasted with the dark browns of the bark.


Yuriy Obuhovskiy Юрий Обуховский

The very light itself seemed to be alive, vibrant, glowing. “Light that glows”, I know that sounds odd, but it did–even the light glowed.  I felt the entire drive like I was in a realist romance painting.

The way I was seeing did not feel real, in any sense that I have ever experienced with my physical eyes. I wondered if I was perceiving light differently. I wondered what it meant that I was noticing light in this way. (I did not come to any conclusions.)

Beauty definitely surrounded me this morning, blessing me. I felt its warmth, its embrace, its acceptance–I was in it, being with it. And I think it appreciated being noticed.

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