Journey of Beauty–Day 15

The meek shall inherit the earth because their egos are humble, and this gives them better perception. The Kingdom of Heaven is the right of the Soul, whose beauty and dignity are far beyond doubt, beyond perception, and stand forever as the mark of the love of God for His creations, who are wholly worthy of Him and only Him. Nothing else is sufficiently worthy to be a gift for a creation of God Himself. (A Course in Miracles, Original Edition, page 58).

Source unknown
Appeared 01/23/2012 @ A Matter of Perspective


What do I perceive? What do I perceive as beautiful? What is beauty to you? How do you perceive beauty? How do our perceptions differ? How are they similar? What do our perceptions say about us as individuals, as human beings, or as spiritual beings? Can someone change how they perceive beauty?


The quote from A Course in Miracles gives me new questions for today: What is “beauty beyond perception”? If beauty is beyond perception, how do I know beauty? If one perceives any beauty, does that mean it is not beauty of the Soul (which is beyond perception)?  Can perceived beauty give us any clues, or point us toward that beauty that is beyond perception?

Here, now, I feel like I am approaching what I really want to get at, to understand, to grab a hold of, about beauty. The beauty I want to know is that imperceptible, intangible, je ne sais quoi. 

Which raises the question: How do I know something that cannot be known through the senses, cannot be verified, and is completely subjective?

According to the ACIM quote, the beauty I am seeking is a Soul thing. I guess I know where I need to start looking tomorrow.


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