Journey of Beauty–Day 17

The Burden of being a Big-Hearted Person,

The more I live knowing everything is okay, everything is fine, the more I am sad that it is not for other people.

Do you know how beautiful you are?

not just to me. but also to me. You are beautiful.

I love you, and you are so valuable to me, and to all, to the the planet.

I honor you, whether I “know” you or not.

whether we are together…or not.

I thank you for everything you do for me, which is more than you can imagine: you are my very self, my self of ascension, my self of evolution. You are my friend.

I love you, as I love myself, a part of me, my life, enduring throughout the ages.

I honor you and your work. I honor all you are doing, for the benefit of humanity–and don’t you forget it, or discount it.

I know you want to—-forget about it, or discount it—but I won’t let you. You are amazing and wonderful, and I need you. I need your energy, your passion, your aliveness, We are in this together, don’t you know.






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