Journey of Beauty–Day 18

In the service of uniting, [the body] becomes a beautiful lesson in communion…This is God’s way of making unlimited what you have limited…The body is beautiful or ugly, holy or savage, helpful or harmful, according to the use to which it is put. (A Course in Miracles, Original Edition. P. 156)


What memories do you have of beauty? How are beauty and freedom related? What am I learning passively, simply by showing up to think about beauty every day?


In the Course in Miracles quote, we see a connection between beauty and freedom, of sorts.

If the body is used as a vehicle for the mind of the Holy Spirit, for the mind of God, then two things happen. First, the body teaches union with others through the mind of God. God is All. When we use the body’s powers of perception in the service of All, we see (both immanently with our eyes, and transcendently with our Souls) our Oneness with All. Second, through this access to unity with Oneness, we gain the Unlimited within ourselves. If I am One with All, then I have All within me, all is me.

I just need to learn how to give my body to the service of this union with All.

One thought that I have been using a lot lately, to arrive at this union is: I am my I AM Presence, and I am One with the I AM Presence of all humanity. This simple thought unites me immediately with everyone–whether I feel it, know it, understand it, or believe it, or not. This thought does the job.

Now if I can have that thought as a dominant thought more than 50% of the time, so that I experience the unlimited effects of the communion with All.

And that would lead to the body being beautiful, holy, and helpful.


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