Journey of Beauty–Day 21

Welcome to Round 3; we are half-way done! How is your process going? I am feeling pretty good about mine. It only took almost two whole rounds, but I feel like I have hit a stride. I don’t have answers, if anything after yesterday, I seem to have more questions. These questions, however, seem to be moving me, or getting at the stuff beneath the stuff, where I have not looked before. Progress, yes! Let’s go.


How does one act with Beauty? How does one bring Beauty to mundane tasks or actions? Is Beauty created, when one brings Beauty to a project? How does one embody Beauty?


The School of Athens

Yesterday I looked at beauty as Truth (this is, by the way, a very classical conception of Beauty, which in ancient Western philosophy was aligned with the 3 biggies: the True, the Good, the Just.)

Today I want to bring that discussion forward, and apply it to action.

How does one act with Beauty? Following from yesterday, one is acting with Beauty, when one is acting in Truth. I am also going to add to that the other 2 biggies: when one is acting with the Good, one is acting with Beauty; when one is acting fairly or justly, one in acting with Beauty. (please note that this idea of Good is derived from Plato, and has much to do with the state of the Soul, and how a “good” Soul brings about a good life.)

Thus, there are qualities or characteristics that one can learn and develop, which bring about Beauty-in-action. When one cultivates such characteristics, or we could also say, when one cultivates a good Soul, those qualities or characteristics are brought naturally to the action. One need not do anything to bring Beauty to an action, rather Beauty-in-action is the result of the cultivation of those characteristics.

This then answers the question, how does one bring Beauty to mundane tasks or actions? The answer is: one does not bring Beauty to mundane tasks; one cultivates the True, the Good, and the Just, and Beauty is a natural outcome.

Is Beauty created, when one brings Beauty to a project? This answer is… yes…and…no. Since the above assertion shows that Beauty is not brought to actions (or projects), the answer is no. However, also following from the above assertion, when the True, the Good, or the Just is brought to a project, Beauty is created…so, yes.

How does one embody Beauty? By focusing on the Good, the True, and the Just.

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