Journey of Beauty–Day 23

Sri Yantra Mandala
original watercolor painting by Francene Hart

Today’s Questions

Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you have any idea what Beauty created you, what Beauty adorns you, what Beauty permeates and surrounds you? Do you know all Beauty is a gift of Love, leading you to Itself?


I just love this. Can you feel it? Can you feel that someone beyond you Knows how beautiful you are? And is telling you so?

I experienced a big shift today. There were 3 main contributing factors:

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of meditation on Oneness lately.
  2. This, from A Course in Miracles: “But should one brother dawn upon your sight as wholly worthy of forgiveness, then your concept of yourself is wholly changed. Your “evil” thoughts have been forgiven with his, because you let them all affect you not. No longer did you choose that you should be the sign of evil and guilt in him. And as you gave your trust to what is good in him, you gave it to the good in you.” (A Course in Miracles, Original edition, page 609, emphasis mine)
  3. A memory of a friend reminding me that sometimes things are not how you perceive them: A person asking me a question with a scowl of contempt on her face may be not because she is accusing me of something, but because she has experienced that thing, and is seeking compassion and understanding.

It’s hard to explain how these three things came together, as though in a puff of air, but all of the sudden, a situation that I had been processing, thinking about, figuring out simply stopped being what I thought it was, and became peace.

It was as though all of the sudden, the three lessons from these three points came together. I was One with this other person. Being One with someone means, I love them purely, simply…and not just that: I trust them. And since I trust them and am One with them, I can see and trust what is good in them, because it is is also mine. Then when I really felt the Truth of that, the memory popped in my head, and all of the sudden, I saw this person as looking out for me, helping me, working with me, not against me.

As soon as my perception changed, it felt like everything changed. But it was not even that it changed, what it was just disappeared and something new appeared.

It was pretty amazing. Yet, at the same time, it felt like nothing. That’s the thing about no-drama: it’s nothing.

It’s not hard for me to see what this has to do with beauty:  Oneness (days 18, 22); the Good (day 21); Perception (days 19, 15, 9). All of this rolled up into today’s experience.

Yes. Experience. I wonder if it would be correct to say that today I experienced beauty as Oneness, the Good, through a perception of Truth?

I don’t know. But if so, that would be pretty cool.

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