Journey of Beauty–Day 26


What is beauty of mind? What is beauty of heart? What is beauty of soul? What is beauty of emotion? How are these the same? How are they different? Are they enacted, or expressed similarly, or differently? How does one discern the nuances of difference between beauty of mind-heart-soul-emotion? Is there a difference, or does all unite in Beauty, as it does in Love or Oneness?

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One concern that has followed me throughout childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and adulthood is the worry that my thoughts or prayers were not pure enough for God. When I reach up to God, what if my questions, my seekings, my desires, my wanting-to-understand was all imperfect? And what if God heard the imperfection? What if God hears my confusion, my lack of understanding, my turmoil, and decides to act on those things, rather than what I really want to say, but can’t because I can’t figure it out, or don’t know?

Sometimes this has caused me to stop trying: if God hears something I don’t mean, and acts on it, then it’s better to not say anything, right?

Sometimes this has caused me to get really rational, really logical, and try to lay it out to God how I mean it, with a full logical argument, with as much clarity as I can. And of course, this has disconnected me from my own heart, which also wants a voice in this.

Sometimes, this has caused me to try to figure it out for myself, before I take it to God, before I ask for help.

I had an insight recently. There is an intermediary. Some people look to Jesus to be the intermediary; some look to the Holy Spirit; some look to the I AM (Christ presence) within; some look to saints or deities, or any number of the Holy Mothers; some ask simply for purification with Light or Love. Whoever, or whatever, you look to as an intermediary, it’s that person/thing’s job to get your message to God in the highest, most perfect way that it can be.

Say anything, offer anything through your intermediary, and it will get to God in it’s purest possible form. You have nothing to worry about. The thing that is important is that you keep the channel of communication open with God. Keep going.

When I realized this, I felt so relieved. I don’t have to be perfect for God right now. I don’t have to know everything I want to say. I don’t have to say it “right”. I don’t have to understand; I don’t have to always be in perfect peace. I can say whatever I want to God, asking my intermediary to “translate” (so to say), so that the right message gets to God.

Beauty of the mind? of the heart? of the Soul? of emotion? Just let it all be in you, as it is. Give your beauty to God, whatever it is, however it is, and ask your intermediary to translate to God, so that your intention of beauty, whatever it is, however it is, will be received by God in the most beautiful way possible.

Let your life be a beautiful gift-offering to God. Let anything and everything be offered to God through your intermediary to be made perfect and beautiful in God.

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