Journey of Beauty–Day 27

“May the mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 2:5


Do you know how at the end of each 40-day Journey, there is a 10-day rest period prior to beginning the next Journey? And there is a Journey of Rest built-in at the end of 6 sequential Journeys? The reason these rest-periods are built in is because doing this work day-in-and-day-out keeps a certain tension on the mind and brain. The tension is what moves the consciousness forward and up; there is a constant, consistent pull in the chosen direction (which is currently beauty).

The mind/brain sometimes needs a break from this tension. The mind/brain can become fatigued especially when a) the tension is intense (think of maintaining a big fish on a fishing line: if you don’t let out the slack, there is too much stress on the line, and it may break) b) when the ideas take the mind/brain further than it is accustomed to, further than it may be ready for (think about going from trying to play “Mary had a Little Lamb” to Mozart’s “A Little Night Music”).


The break allows the mind/brain to adjust to its new expansion. Sometimes it “shrinks” back a bit, but overall, the tension pulls positively in the intended direction.

I feel like my mind/brain needs an unscheduled break. I’ve been feeling this for almost a month now, and in response, I have greatly cut back some of my other practices (like mantra). So far, my mind’s malaise has not affected the Journey, but today, I must confess, my mind/brain feels like a deflated balloon.

did do the Journey, exploring the idea of beauty through the aesthetic attitude here, and through the introduction to Chapter 5 in A Course in Miracles. And now I am writing, thus fulfilling my commitment. However, when it came time to write, I felt like my brain was at “Mary had a Little Lamb”, and I needed to write equally to “A Little Night Music”. Needless to say, that gap is too big to fill today.

Thus, here you go! my musings about resting. Also, you have my permission to rest when you need it. This does not have to be intense all the time, and maybe I am sometimes too intense (have I burned myself out? ….nooooo!). Take any time you need, but do not use a “rest” as an excuse for stopping, or taking an extended break. Keep going. Ease up on the tension a bit, let the line out, but keep the fish on the hook.



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