Journey of Beauty–Day 31

Welcome to Round 4; we are on the home stretch; only 10 days to go! Keep on, you’re doing great.


How does one act with Beauty? How does one bring Beauty to mundane tasks or actions? Is Beauty created, when one brings Beauty to a project? How does one embody Beauty?


Continuing the theme of nature, I am sitting in my backyard with a small fire as I write. The jays came for food a couple minutes ago, not realizing I was here. When they did, they flew away, and squawked at me. I look forward to the time when we will share this space in peace with each other. We are getting there–just yesterday, a squirrel came to feed when I was watering my tomatoes, more interested in food than in my. Even now, some sparrows are coming to eat, paying me no mind.

Sitting here in peace with the birds and my fire: this is beauty.

More and more I am thinking that beauty is definitely related to Peace.

Peace: the feeling of calmness in my chest that seems to wrap around my torso and head, giving me a buoyant feeling, and all I want to do is feel this.

This then, is how to bring beauty to mundane tasks: embody this feeling. All the time. Take it with you wherever you go. Be it. Live it. 

Easier said than done. I know. That’s why I am here. We can practice this together, ok?

Is Beauty created when one brings Beauty to a project. I would say absolutely. I don’t know if this writing is beautiful or not–that type of beauty is subjective. How are you perceiving this? Do you find it beautiful? You see, you bring to this your beauty, if you so choose. And if you choose not to bring your beauty, that’s ok. Your beauty is yours to do with as you please.  As for me,  I know I am creating beauty as I sit here in Peace, typing away, being so contented in my little backyard with my little fire, and the little birds.  My world is beauty because it is full of Peace, and this right here, right now, is my world. Beautiful.

This is the embodiment of Beauty. This is it. It need be nothing more.

The question is: how do I maintain it… as I go “out there”, away from my fire, away from this atmosphere of Peace. How do I bring it with me? How do I continue to embody it?

That’s why it’s a Journey!

Peace to you. May Beauty be yours always.

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