Journey of Beauty–Day 36

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What is beauty of mind? What is beauty of heart? What is beauty of soul? What is beauty of emotion? How are these the same? How are they different? Are they enacted, or expressed similarly, or differently? How does one discern the nuances of difference between beauty of mind-heart-soul-emotion? Is there a difference, or does all unite in Beauty, as it does in Love or Oneness?


Yesterday, there was discussion on how to discern beauty, and to create through fine-tuning that discernment. In short, creating beauty comes through following harmony and peace, and transforming anything that is not of harmony and peace, in business, relationships, and daily activity.

With this type of discernment there comes more and more refinement of the idea, and thus the experience, of beauty.

With every experience of beauty, the strength of certainty in it increases. Self-confidence in recognizing it and creating it increases. With that strength and certainty, beauty is more easily created with every new step, every new experience, like this:

Beauty is created. Beauty is recognized. With the recognition comes the awareness of, “hey, look what I can do!”, and that is what gives the support, strength, and confidence for the next time. When the next time comes, it comes with that added strength and certainty, so the next creation is that much more powerful. And this continues, as the momentum of the Beauty-cycle grows.

When actions are taken toward beauty (harmony and peace), the cycle is continuous, but not repetitive. Each pregressive cycle begins from a new place–more strength and confidence, more recognition, more beauty.

This idea is different from the idea of the ouroboros. The snake that eats its tail is a symbol of birth and death and re-birth. However, in this symbolism, though there is regeneration, there is no concept of change, or evolution. When the snake regenerates, it regenerates as it was, not as an evolved version of what it was, coming back a little more refined each time.

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With the snake eating its tail, the goal is always the same: the tail, the thing right in front of the snakes nose. In a way, it’s like a donkey chasing a carrot. It’s right there, just grab it. And round and round it goes, aimlessly, except for the thing that is right there. In this model, no momentum is added to the evolution; when the next cycle starts, it starts just where it left off, not with more strength, certainty, or recognition.

This seems to me like the difference between what people are taught they should chase, what “society” teaches them they should want (the carrot, or the tail), and finding a deeper purpose to follow. The first is goals for the sake of achieving goals (more money, bigger house, fancy car or job title), the second is taking steps toward real fulfillment.

The difference between a carrot or a snakes tail, and beauty, peace, or harmony is the first keeps folks always moving but always in the same place, the second is a slow progression and incremental increases in experience of the thing sought. With the first there is always a lot of movement, so it can seem like there is progress, with the second there is less outer-movement, but more actual progress.

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