Journey of Beauty–Day 37

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller


Wind and Clouds
Photo Credit: Sarah Myers

If you take away objects of beauty, what’s left? If you can not see, you can feel. Without objects to see, how does beauty feel? What do emotions find beautiful?

The “things” that feel beautiful for me are things that lift my emotions to a higher state. When I think about infinity, or high ideals, those things lift my emotions.

There are ways other than seeing to know beauty. But those ways are within yourself, not outside yourself.

Awe moves my emotions, as does reverence, and deep appreciation.

Photo Credit: National Geographic

A beautiful song takes my breath away. (I could not embed it, but I encourage you to watch this video for a sense of beautiful peace)

Photo Credit:

When I sit with a fire for a few hours, there is definitely a lifting that happens. My emotions feel lighter, and I feel more harmony with everything around me.

In the Helen Keller quote, the perception of beauty comes through noticing. In order to see beauty beyond sight, one must notice inner movements, feelings, vibrations. One must feel emotions and notice how energy is moving or not moving in the body.

If you think something is beautiful, ask your body. How is your body reacting or responding to the thought of beauty?

Water Droplets
Image Credit:

The next time you think something is beautiful, try feeling it–what is it that you feel? What is the feeling?





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