Balance Off: Journey of Creation – Day 20

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Guiding Thought

There are no degrees of Love. Love is Whole, Full, and Perfect. Love in action is Creation; Love’s creations are Whole, Full, and Perfect. When we express Love, we are being creative in the Truest sense. Creativity is Love in action, and produces activities, relationships, and experiences which are Whole, Full, and Perfect.


I’ve been talking with people this week, who have used the terms yin and yang; since I do not generally use the terms yin and yang, this phenomenon is something to look at. And as everything is currently in the context of Journey of Creation, I am applying it to my own Journey.

Yin and yang is a symbol of forces, or energies. Yin means the shady, shadow, or dark side; yang is the sunny, bright, or light side. In addition to the two “sides”, you will notice through the picture on the left that there is symbolic movement between the two sides: light turns to dark, which returns to light. Neither side is ever complete of itself; each contains the other, and only together is there wholeness. Each side contains the other, moves into the other, and is complete only with the other.

Here is how Lao Tzu describes it in the Tao Te Ching:

“When people see things as beautiful,
ugliness is created.
When people see things as good,
evil is created.

Being and non-being produce each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low oppose each other.
Fore and aft follow each other.”

This past week, one of the ways that this concept has been discussed with me is in the context of balance: Yin and yang work together in balance, but we can disrupt that balance with too much or too little of either yin or yang.

What does all this mean to me, in the context of today’s Guiding Thought, and the Journey in general?

First, I feel like I am off-balance. I am experiencing something in either excess or as deficiency. How do I know? I feel foggy, fuzzy, unfocused, as though I cannot grasp my own thoughts. The Guiding Thought was mere words; I could not reach the inner depth or meaning of the words today.

Second, I have been doing some intentional cleansing and releasing (among other things, I have stopped coffee cold turkey–no wonder I feel fuzzy and foggy!). I’ve been working on physical improvements to my health and well-being, but (as you know), everything is connected, and I am experiencing mental and emotional side-effects (releases) as well.

All of this has been in the context of my own Journey of Creation. Nothing happens during a Journey that is not part of the Journey.

I believe that the off-balance is, in the bigger picture, getting me back on balance–the movement of yin and yang. I must re-balance what is either in excess or deficient, and I am experiencing that as fuzzy, foggy, and unfocused. A ripple in the water is only perceived as “more” until its motion stops and it again becomes still.

As for the cleansing and releasing: such things always have side effects. Toxins come to the surface for release, but when they come to the surface, I experience their effects. This goes for physical, mental, or emotional toxins. I feel that I am releasing, but going through the symptoms as the toxins leave.

As for how this all relates to Journey of Creation: I am making way for Truth and Love, and the experience of it in my life–getting rid of stuff that no longer serves me or my goals of co-creating with Love. Though I am a bit “off”, I am happily here, moving through, past, and onward!


Life as Truth: Journey of Creation – Day 19

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Guiding Thought

In the Light of Truth, perceptions and non-reality dissipate as fog in the sun. Only Truth is True. When you are aware of your reality in Truth, you understand how flimsy and meaningless are your perceptions. Only the Oneness of the Knowledge of Truth brings Peace.


These contemplations are a very mental and metaphysical practice. They urge the use of your mind to connect with a Higher Mind, which is beyond material reality, beyond the senses.

Though, ironically, there are moments when this Higher Mind can be felt and experienced in the body. When such a thing happens for me, I feel a sense of expansiveness, calmness or peace, or sometimes a palpable energy that flows through and/or around me. I feel connected.

The relationship between the mind and the body, or the Higher Mind and the body, sometimes confuses me. Today is one of those days. (…and I am relating this specifically to this sentence: When you are aware of your reality in Truth, you understand how flimsy and meaningless are your perceptions.)

On the one hand, Soul-Spirit-the I AM Presence-the Divine Self, are beyond the senses. On the other hand, that Presence comes through me, as me. How do I reconcile this? How do I feel this, if my perceptions are “flimsy”?

What is the Truth in this?

How can I think (on the one hand) that my perceptions are “meaningless”, and (on the other hand), that what I might be perceiving is my Divine Self?

This to me sums up a very old “conflict”—that between spirit and body (or mind and body). People tend to accept one, and reject the other, or reject the one and accept the other.

Relying too heavily on Mind tends to make people out of touch with the material world (“reality”); being overly reliant on the body, people tend toward materialism, narcissism, egocentrism. What is the balance? Where is the integration? How do I be both a spiritual and material being?

There is a great Indian Saint and teacher, Gorakhnath, whose teachings were all about incorporating the life of Spirit into the life of the body. (recommended reading: Philosophy of Gorakhnath, with Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha by Akshaya Kumar Banerjea).

Why is this idea so unpopular today? Why do people tend toward either mind or body?

Is it enough to simply think, “I am a spiritual being having a human experience”? or is that simply a way to make claims to Spirit, without doing the work necessary to actually experience Spirit in the life of the body? I ask this because people still get sick; people still get depressed; people still act cruelly to each other, to animals, and to the earth. If the Truth is Love, and if people Truly embody that Truth, then they would act (ah-hem in their bodies), with love, gentleness, kindness toward All. Wouldn’t they?

How do I live as the Truth?

What’s it Worth to You? Journey of Creation – Day 18

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Guiding Thought

What do you value? How much do you value it? When you clarify these questions, you establish the value of your goal. Then, consciously bring this value to all your thoughts and actions, measuring your behavior against the criteria set by your values. The means for accomplishment reveal themselves as you clarify your intentions.


Today we approach goals  in reverse.

Most often, when people set goals, the first thought is, “what do I want”, or “what do I want to achieve?” When the goal is set, the next step is to set up the tasks and timeline necessary to accomplish the goal. Rarely, if ever, do people consider the value of the goal, or if it’s worth achieving, really worth achieving. This is where some thoughtfulness on what is worthy would be useful; what are you worth?

Instead of goal setting first, today you are asked to evaluate your own values (“e-value-ate”–I just got that). This assessment brings to light the value of your goals.

Maybe this is why some people would not like to first evaluate their goals. Upon evaluation, the absence of real value might be revealed. Why question the value of wanting that new job/car/kitchen, when it’s so much easier just to want it?

What is really cool about this process is that the values take the place of trying to figure out what the tasks and timeline are, in the conventional goal-setting process. Instead of thinking and planning what to do, just think about which actions will reflect your values.

Your values lead you to right action.

Then, before you know it, the means for accomplishment reveal themselves.

I know this sounds really backward, and you might be thinking “how can this work?” This is the spiritual approach, which (of course) is reverse from what the material approach would be. It takes some mental adjustment, but it works.

Get Over Yourself: Journey of Creation – Day 17

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Guiding Thought

Use your free will joyfully to create the Good, the Beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect. This is appropriate use of your mind and will, and directly in-line with Perfect Love. As you experience your Holy creations in your life, you strengthen your conviction to Truth, and to your ability to co-create with your Divine Self.


This Guiding Thought feels so calming to me. It’s as though it’s saying, “It’s ok. Go for it. You can do it”. Clichés aside, the feeling is of comfort, confidence, and assurance.

When I used to supervise a staff of about 40 people, I used to tell them, “There is nothing you can screw up that I can’t fix”. I knew their jobs so well, that they were free to make mistakes; they were free to try creative solutions; they were free to expand their boundaries because they knew that if they made a mistake, it would be ok.

This Guiding Thought feels like that to me. I am being encouraged to try stuff; to expand my boundaries, to test the limits of my creativity, because if I make a mistake, it will be ok.

If I try stuff that I believe to be Good, Beautiful, or Holy, then mistakes are unlikely to happen, because it is when I create with these qualities that I am co-creating with my Divine Self, which is Perfect Love.

This is the experience the Guiding Thought is talking about, “as you experience your Holy creations in your life you strengthen your conviction to Truth, and to your ability to co-create with your Divine Self”.

My Divine Self first gives me permission to expand, to try new things, and to create what I want that is Good and Beautiful. Then It rewards me with Good and Beautiful experiences, as a way of giving me confidence in myself—that I am not going to screw anything up that It can’t fix.

Each time I create in this way, assured by my Divine Self that I’m doing it and doing it in cooperation with It, then I learn to create with more assurance each time. I question or doubt myself less.

I have noticed, over the past two years or so, this is true. I used to doubt myself a lot, I used to pray and ask God, “What do you want? What do you want me to do?” I thought when I did that, that I was “surrendering”, or giving over my will to God’s. But over the past few years, I began to recognize it as sounding “whiney”, and it was a way for me not to have to take responsibility. It was me doubting myself, and questioning my own ability to be effective in my own life. If I asked God what He wanted, then He would be responsible right? And I could hide my self-doubt in “surrender”.

Thank God that God knows more than I do, and that He is willing to help me get over myself, even when I am trying to blame Him for my shortcomings. ‘Cause here I am, over it and getting even better.



Why?…but, Why?…but, WHY?: Journey of Creation – Day 16

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Guiding Thought

When your mind and will are free, they recognize only Truth. Your mind and will are free in the Knowledge of Union with Perfect Love. When you are in the state of One Mind and Will of Perfect Love, you  create Freedom and Truth for yourself and All.


When your mind and will are free, they recognize only Truth. 

Why? Why is it that my mind and will recognize only Truth when they are free? Why?

Because your freedom is your Union with Perfect Love, which is Truth. When you Know your Union with Perfect Love, you Know Truth, the Truth of yourself. Your freedom is this Truth, because you either Know yourself as Perfect Love, or you do not. If you do not Know your Union with Perfect Love, you are bound–imprisoned–by a false belief about who you are, the reality of you.

…but, why? Isn’t this a circular argument? “I am free in Perfect Love which is Truth, which is also my freedom”; it’s like saying “I am free in my freedom”, which is totally a nonsensical tautology.

Yes, precisely…but also, no. What you must accept is that there is only Perfect Love. Everything else is your mind, imprisoned by a “reality” of its own making. That is why the so-called tautology does not make sense to you; it is in terms you are trying to understand through terms you yourself have made. To understand the “tautology”, you must go beyond your terms, beyond your little reality. When you accept and Know the reality of Perfect Love, you will also Know that the reality of the only Reality (Perfect Love), frees you from the imprisonment of your mind. This is the Truth that “sets you free”.

Even now, you continue to try to fit this into your own terms, try to understand it in this question “why”. Stop. “Why”, “how”–these serve only to keep you in the framework of your own making. You are bound, imprisoned. Stop asking. Be still. Know.

My head is spinning.

You are trying too hard. Your brain is trying too hard to understand your Mind. It cannot. Your brain can only understand within its pre-constructed categories, derived from experience, interpreted through your senses, based on previous experiences, which created the categories…

The state of One Mind does not know categories, does not know divisions, does not even know perception. It is Knows only Knowing.

You do not yet Know. And yet, You do. This is why your head is spinning. You know what you do not Know, but you also Know you Know It. For you ARE Perfect Love, learning of Itself, as you.


The Love You Are: Journey of Creation – Day 15

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Guiding Thought

Perfect Love, the Source and Truth of your Self, imbues you with the will to create with Love. You are able to create through your own free will, extending Perfect Love.  Loving creation was given freely to you; therefore, give freely of your own loving creation. Joyfully create through Perfect Love, with Perfect Love, as Perfect Love.


The wise voice in my head, speaking the Guiding Thought to me today is so clear. It’s my friend Joseph, who left the planet about 2 years ago. His voice is so rich and clear and deep. Take a listen–just click any of his videos, and settle in to the resonance of his voice. Then, imagine that voice saying the Guiding Thought to you. Yeah. Joseph was the first person ever to say to me, “be the Love you are”. Words, you may notice, I use here sometimes.

His voice feels joyful and serious (at the same time), assuring and authoritative, instructive, and kind, just perfect for a wise friend to be saying the Guiding Thought. Sometimes I feel Joseph with me, looking out for me, hovering over my shoulder, reminding me, “be the Love you are”. It’s no wonder it’s his voice today.

When a wise friend, someone you really trust, tells you something–even if you’ve heard it before or said it to yourself– you just pay attention a little bit more. There is something about someone else telling you something you already know that triggers your Inner Truth, and makes your brain step outside of itself, doubt its own doubt, and think the possibility of the Truth.

It was the same for me yesterday, with John Randolph Price–the words coming from him, though different than my own–spoke to me in a way that I could listen with my whole brain, with my heart, with my Soul.

This is what Joseph is doing for me today. He is opening my mind and being to a Truth I would potentially reject, if I were telling it to myself.

The quieter voice from Joseph is also reminding me, “We are All One. There is no separation. I AM You, the Love You ARE.”

Others’* Words: Journey of Creation – Day 14

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Guiding Thought

In Perfect Love there is no lack, only complete abundance. Perfect Love is Perfect Fulfillment. When you are aware of your Oneness with Perfect Love, you have everything; you are everything. With a mind fully aware of its own Fullness in Perfect Love, you have perfect faith in your creations, as they are of the same mind as Perfect Love.


One by one the sentences in the Guiding Thought make absolute sense to me. But taken all together, my brain feels overwhelmed and incredulous.

In The Abundance Book, John Randolph Price says this, “There are certain principles of abundance, specific fundamentals of Truth which, when realized, will free an individual from lack and limitation.”

That book was (obviously) geared toward abundance, yet the “specific fundamentals of Truth” are not limited to abundance.

One of these Truths that he refers to is this:

“It is your spiritual consciousness–your Knowledge of the Presence of God within you as total and complete fulfillment–that interprets itself as every form or experience in your world. That is the Law.”

So, you see how the specific fundamentals of Truth are unlimited–the Presence of God within you is everything, complete fulfillment.

Regardless of the Law, it can only act through your realization of it. Your spiritual consciousness is your spiritual wealth, which out-pictures itself as your worldly wealth.

“You see, God is Omnipresent Wealth, the Infinite Riches of the universe, the lavish Abundance of creation. And if you deny unlimited prosperity, you are denying yourself, because YOU are the image of omnipresent wealth, the expression of the infinite riches of the universe, an individualization of lavish abundance.”

Statements of Truth can be difficult for my brain to accept; they sometimes seem so far from what I think I know, or what I think I experience. Today is one of those days. The Guiding Thought feels unreachable.

However, when I think about the concept through the words of Mr. Price, my brain does not get so worked up (can you see the similarities in his words, and in the Guiding Thought?).

I feel like I can handle the Truth as Mr. Price lays It out. But not so much when I read the Guiding Thought. Sometimes other people help me get past a stumbling blocks in my mind. That’s what’s happening today.

And that’s a thing about Truth. Everyone Knows It; everyone has It within them. We walk through life resonating with Truth (as we are aware of It), through others’ words, or sharings, or imaginations. Their experiences spark something in ourselves, which strengthens what we Know of the Truth within us.

But it’s up to each of us to find the expression of that Truth within us. That is Creation.

“Turn within and watch the Inner Presence work. The activity of your Infinite Mind sees and knows only abundance–and in this sea of Knowingness is a spiritual Idea corresponding to every single form, event, circumstance, condition, or experience that you could possibly desire. The creative energy (substance) of these Divine Ideas is forever flowing into perfect manifestation.”


*There is no other.

All quotes are from John Randolph Price’s The Abundance Book, published by  Quartus Books , 1987.

When Monks Speak: Journey of Creation – Day 13

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Guiding Thought

Choose only to create with Perfect Love. Since Perfect Love is all You Are, and all there is, accept Perfect Love as the only Source for all your creations. Project Perfect Love outward, shining with inner radiance.


In my imagination I had a wise person saying the Guiding Thought to me. It was an anonymous wise person, not someone I recognized or could identify. I can’t even tell you what gender this wise one was. But s/he was in a simple monk’s (Franciscan or such) robe, with hands tucked in the wide sleeves.

With the first repetition, I was immediately drawn in by the double meaning of the first sentence: Choose only to create with Perfect Love. The first meaning is that I focus on my own vibration or energy, and do my best to lift myself to a vibration or energy of Perfect Love, then from that place interact with my world, designing and building with Perfect Love.

The second meaning takes Perfect Love as a euphemism for God, and has to do with cooperating with Perfect Love, to achieve creation. This meaning  is about uniting my will with God’s (Perfect Love’s) Will, and acting from that collaboration.

Now, when I read this Guiding Thought, I have both of these ideas in my head at the same time, so that I “see” both Perfect Love streaming forth from my heart, and I see a channel of light going from the top of my head into the ether, to the heart and mind of God, which informs and instructs me on how to use my own will correctly.

All that from seven words. Nice.

The second sentence was stated to me by a monk in a bit more of a teaching-pose, with hand gestures; the monk had a different “feel” for this sentence: now s/he felt more Buddhist than Franciscan. The difference had to do with the awareness of the interconnectedness of All (known as Interdependent Co-arising, also known as Dependent Co-origination, which *very* basically means the experience of non-duality).

While the second monk was saying the second sentence to me s/he was simultaneously embodying the concept of the sentence, so that I could feel what it means that Perfect Love is all I am and all there is. With that feeling, there is no doubt or question about the second half of that sentence: accept Perfect Love as the only Source for all your creations. In fact, if there was a question it was more along the lines of, “how could I not accept Perfect Love as the only Source!?” The feeling made the reality of Perfect Love so palpable, that being told to accept it seemed redundant and unnecessary.

The third sentence took some effort, and I can’t say I can feel it–and most certainly not as strongly as the first two sentences.

It seems to me that the point of the third sentence is to make my brain think and apply itself in a specific direction, i.e. the direction of intentionally acting on the idea of Perfect Love.

In this statement, the intentional action is that of the brain thinking. My brain must visualize (think about) what might occur if I were to project Perfect Love outward and shine with inner radiance.

The brain, is of course the seat of skepticism, and feels some rebellion about this. It does not believe in Projecting Love or shining with anything. The brain believes in what this body can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell–and neither Perfect Love nor inner radiance qualify.

But the mere exercise of asking the brain to imagine this, propels the thought outward, in even the smallest capacity, thereby creating the experience of the projection of Perfect Love, and the shining of inner radiance (even to the smallest capacity). At some level, the brain becomes conscious of the thought and the corresponding experience, even if the experience is in the imagination (you know the brain responds the same way to imaginary experiences and “real” experiences, right?).

The result is that the brain then creates its own experience: what the body can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell–and the brain verify as real.

The other result is that am now aware of one of my brain’s stumbling blocks, and I can consciously choose to engage and release/transform it!


All Thought is Creative: Journey of Creation – Day 12

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Guiding Thought

When you are aware of your own consciousness as Perfect Love, you are aware of everything as Love, and of Love as everything. In this state of awareness, you create naturally and easily in unison with Perfect Love, with all of existence.


If you believe (or want to believe) thought is creative, then you must accept that all thought is creative.

You cannot pick and choose which thoughts you want to be creative. All thoughts are equally creative.

Thoughts are cause; results–what they produce–are effect. This is a fundamental Law in this world.

Love is the only thought which is both Cause and Effect.

Love, as Cause and Effect, is the only “real” reality, the only Truth.

You are Love’s Effect, imbued with Love’s Causal power.

Error and mis-creations are due to a thought (or many thoughts) that you are not Love’s Effect, created by Love, through Love, as Love.

Fear is a mis-creation (an effect) of the mind caused by the thought (or many thoughts) that you are not Love’s Effect.

As an effect of error thoughts, fear does not have causal power; however, it can be mis-perceived to have causal power, as it generates further thoughts (the causal power) which produce further mis-creations.

Being the effect of error thoughts, and not the effect of Love, fear has no reality.

Thoughts of Oneness bridge your mind with Love, re-uniting you with It, by undoing erroneous thinking and re-establishing your True relationship with Love.

Thoughts of Oneness remedy error-thinking. Thoughts of Oneness release fear.

If you believe (or want to believe) thought is creative, then you must accept that all thought is creative.

You cannot pick and choose which thoughts you want to be creative. All thoughts are equally creative.

Each person must become responsible for all their thoughts: those thoughts which create in unison with Love, and those which deny Oneness with Love, and with All.

All thought is creative. Your thoughts are always creating one of these two options.

Which do you choose?

Creation Myth…or No?: Journey of Creation – Day 11

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Ready for Round 2? I feel like I’m off to a good start for this Journey—how about you?  I’ve already experienced some synchronous moments (day 10), questioned my entire belief system (day 9), and assessed (questioned!) my motives and values (days 5, 6, and 8). I feel pretty good about that.

If you are new here, please see this page for an explanation of how and why the Guiding Thoughts change slightly for this round.

Guiding Thought

Love is everything. Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence you came. You return to the awareness of the Love YOU ARE  by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits your consciousness of your True Self. Release those inhibitors now, and Know yourself as the Love YOU ARE.


Did you know in the Buddhist tradition, there is no belief in a Creation myth? There is no belief about a Source of Creation. As it has been explained to me, the idea is simply (probably not this simply), that “we’ll never know, so why bother to try to figure it out”.  (This, by the way, is one of the reasons that Buddhism is considered a philosophy rather than a religion–there is no God in the sense of a Creator).

I have not, personally, made a decision about whether I believe in a Creator God, or whether I lean more toward the Buddhist sentiment that “we’ll never know, so why worry about it”. Sometimes I really want to believe in a Creator God, and that feels so good, and comforting, and right, and sometimes I just shrug and think, “we’ll never know…” (yet, I do not consider myself an agnostic…I’m not sure exactly how that fits [smh])

What I do know, regardless where I stand on this or my vacillation, is that I believe in Love, and I believe in my ability (whether human or divine), to embody and express Love in the highest sense I ever can conceive. (And with each new “higher conception” of Love, I find I can go even higher.)

What I also know is that the more I release which inhibits how I know myself as Love, the more Love I can know within myself.

All this is to say, I get how the Guiding Thought might be a little of a stretch for some people.

So I’d like to ask: What do you think of Love? What is your relationship with Love? How do you perceive yourself, when you think about that relationship with Love? Who are you? Are you aware of the Love within you? Do you want to be aware of the Love within you? What ways have you found to expand the Love within you? What ways have you found to release blocks to that Love?

You see, regardless of what you think/believe of a Creator God, or a Source of All, you can still think about Love.

One of the reasons I find it useful to think about Love is everything and Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence I came, is those thoughts tell me that my Source is Love, and if my Source is Love, then I have within me all of the minutia of Love’s Perfection; every bit of me was created by Lovefor Loveas Love. And if everything is Love, then I am United with everything through Love, and therefore can know All as Love. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing Love.

If you can buy this, then I ask you to take the next step. Release those inhibitors now, and Know yourself as the Love YOU ARE.

Literally, do it. It takes 15 seconds. Picture a helium tank filled with all of the obstacles you may have to knowing yourself as Love (you don’t even need to know what they are, just know they are in there). Use the helium tank to fill a balloon. Tie the balloon off and release it. Watch it float gently higher, until it’s out of sight. Thank yourself for taking that step.

And I thank you, for since we are united in Love, your release is my release, and you have just freed me, as I have freed you.