The Evolution: Journey of Creation – Day 02

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

When I am aware of my own consciousness as Perfect Love, I am aware of everything as Love, and of Love as everything. In this state of awareness, I create naturally and easily in unison with Perfect Love, with all of existence.


First, a check-in: I can feel the bigness of this Journey. I’ve been feeling a little cranky, irritable, and very tired; tiny things seem to bother me. This is an indication to me that some of my “stuff” is bubbling to the surface, spilling over, making me aware. This happens sometimes…all that stuff that knows it needs to transform rears its head when it’s confronted with that which will be transforming it. To re-phrase the Guiding Thought, and add to yesterday’s: when I am aware of my imperfections, I am aware of the places within which need to be released! Thank God for imperfections and the tools to transform them.

With that said, onward!

I definitely like the idea of creating naturally and easily with all of existence.

Imagine that for a moment: Everyone and everything is on your side, working with you to create…

To create what, exactly?

To create Perfect Love? That doesn’t make sense, does it?

If everything is already Perfect Love, why would it need to be created?

Furthermore, if Perfect Love is all that has been or will be created, why don’t I see or experience it all the time? I should be able to look around me and see Perfect Love everywhere, shouldn’t I?

Either Perfect Love is everything and I just can’t see it…

Or everything is not Perfect Love.


I choose Perfect Love is everything and I just can’t see it. I may be wrong, but I’d rather move in the direction of Perfect Love rather than away from it.

How do I move toward it, especially if I can’t see it?

Perfect Love is definitely bigger than I am right now. Maybe someday I will catch up to It, but right now, I lag far behind (especially when my little crankies are showing themselves).

My awareness is up to me! The evolution of my consciousness is up to me! Another day down, another step accomplished. This is the evolution.



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