In My Own Interest- Journey of Creation – Day 06

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

When my mind and will are free, they recognize only truth. My mind and will are free in the Knowledge of union with Perfect Love. When I am in the state of One Mind and Will of Perfect Love, I create freedom and truth for myself and All.


What do I really want? Why is creation important to me?

Why is creation important to me?

It’s not about power, or about demonstrating “what I can do”… It’s not about what I can get, or how much more I can do or have than someone else. It’s not about wanting anything specific, or wanting something different than what I already have.

The answer feels more simple than any of that: I want to create and to learn to create because I can. Just because.

What is new and important is: I want to do it right.

We are all powerful creators. You already know this about yourself, probably. We are constantly creating: Our minds-thoughts-energy all become expressed through the vehicles of our bodies. We live in a world of that expressed energy, which returns to us to be perceived (again) in our minds, interpreted as thoughts, and re-expressed through our bodies as actions.

When I say, “I want to do it right”, all I mean is that I want the energy I express to be fully Love and loving, or as the Guiding Thought says, of One Mind and Will as Perfect Love.

The energy which sustains me from Source is already Pure Love. Thus, 100% of that energy inflow is Perfect.

But I am not perfect.

That energy becomes distorted through my imperfections. When I express distorted energy, what comes back to me is also, necessarily, distorted.

Then I have a choice: purify that energy before I “distribute” it again, or not.

If I choose to purify it (release anything unlike Love), I may succeed at 1% purification or 100% purification. The more pure I can make myself and my energy, the easier it will be to do it again, the next time that energy returns to me.

If I choose not to purify the energy, it comes back to me again in the same impure state it was when it left, perhaps with added impurities picked up from energies it encountered, and mixes again with my own distortions, then goes back out even less pure than when it came in.

It’s in my best interest to do the best I can to purify (release distortions, release anything that is not Love), as much as I can.

This process (choosing to purify) increases the percentage of Love that I am expressing in my energy-actions.

Since Love is the only real creative force, this increases the amount of real (True) creations in my world, and in my experience.

Freedom in this sense means both freedom as Love, in Truth, and freedom from distortions (or projections of or by fear).

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