Gravity-induced Sling Shot of My Mind: Journey of Creation – Day 09

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

In the Light of Truth, perceptions and non-reality dissipate as fog in the sun. Only Truth is True. When I am aware of my reality in Truth, I understand how flimsy and meaningless are my perceptions. Only the Oneness of the Knowledge of Truth brings Peace.


What if I have it backwards? What if  creation is not doing something, but undoing something?

For all this time–pretty much my entire life–I’ve thought that creation is putting mental and physical energy into making something happen. What if creation is really withdrawing mental and physical energy from certain things and allowing what’s underneath to be exposed?

I exist in Love. Love is Perfect. What can I add to Love? What can I create that Love has not already created?

“Perception seems to teach you what you what you see. Yet, it but witnesses to you what you taughtIt is the outward picture of a wish, an image that you wanted to be true.” (A Course in Miracles)

What if everything I make, which is everything I perceive, simply shows me what I already believe, or want to believe, “an image that I wanted to be true”?

Is this what is meant by “thought is creative”? I perceive only what I am already looking for? My world and my experiences are preaching to the choir, and I am the choir.

Here is the lesson for me today: there is a difference between what make or create, and what Perfect Love makes or creates.

The first is my reality, constantly sling-shotting around the gravity of my mind: My mind sets energy in motion; that motion makes something happen in the world; as the energy comes back to me, like a spaceship or shuttle using a planet’s gravity to change its trajectory, back in the opposite direction–back to me, I then see this “spaceship” (the energy that I originally put out) coming back to me, as though independent of me or anything associated with me; I take it in, thinking it totally validates what I’ve been thinking (because it is what I’ve been thinking), feel validated, and send it back out to sling shot once again back to me. So really, it’s all just in my head, a spaceship sling-shotting around two planets, getting nowhere.

I have to stop that inertia. I have to stop the trajectory and momentum of my mind. I must deny validation to those things I perceive, which are not Perfect Love (“reality”).

I must find where Perfect Love resides in me (mind? heart? emotions? void?), and become the spaceship which is on Perfect Love’s trajectory. I can ride the Perfect Love momentum, and just see where it goes.




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