Creation Myth…or No?: Journey of Creation – Day 11

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Ready for Round 2? I feel like I’m off to a good start for this Journey—how about you?  I’ve already experienced some synchronous moments (day 10), questioned my entire belief system (day 9), and assessed (questioned!) my motives and values (days 5, 6, and 8). I feel pretty good about that.

If you are new here, please see this page for an explanation of how and why the Guiding Thoughts change slightly for this round.

Guiding Thought

Love is everything. Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence you came. You return to the awareness of the Love YOU ARE  by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits your consciousness of your True Self. Release those inhibitors now, and Know yourself as the Love YOU ARE.


Did you know in the Buddhist tradition, there is no belief in a Creation myth? There is no belief about a Source of Creation. As it has been explained to me, the idea is simply (probably not this simply), that “we’ll never know, so why bother to try to figure it out”.  (This, by the way, is one of the reasons that Buddhism is considered a philosophy rather than a religion–there is no God in the sense of a Creator).

I have not, personally, made a decision about whether I believe in a Creator God, or whether I lean more toward the Buddhist sentiment that “we’ll never know, so why worry about it”. Sometimes I really want to believe in a Creator God, and that feels so good, and comforting, and right, and sometimes I just shrug and think, “we’ll never know…” (yet, I do not consider myself an agnostic…I’m not sure exactly how that fits [smh])

What I do know, regardless where I stand on this or my vacillation, is that I believe in Love, and I believe in my ability (whether human or divine), to embody and express Love in the highest sense I ever can conceive. (And with each new “higher conception” of Love, I find I can go even higher.)

What I also know is that the more I release which inhibits how I know myself as Love, the more Love I can know within myself.

All this is to say, I get how the Guiding Thought might be a little of a stretch for some people.

So I’d like to ask: What do you think of Love? What is your relationship with Love? How do you perceive yourself, when you think about that relationship with Love? Who are you? Are you aware of the Love within you? Do you want to be aware of the Love within you? What ways have you found to expand the Love within you? What ways have you found to release blocks to that Love?

You see, regardless of what you think/believe of a Creator God, or a Source of All, you can still think about Love.

One of the reasons I find it useful to think about Love is everything and Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence I came, is those thoughts tell me that my Source is Love, and if my Source is Love, then I have within me all of the minutia of Love’s Perfection; every bit of me was created by Lovefor Loveas Love. And if everything is Love, then I am United with everything through Love, and therefore can know All as Love. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing Love.

If you can buy this, then I ask you to take the next step. Release those inhibitors now, and Know yourself as the Love YOU ARE.

Literally, do it. It takes 15 seconds. Picture a helium tank filled with all of the obstacles you may have to knowing yourself as Love (you don’t even need to know what they are, just know they are in there). Use the helium tank to fill a balloon. Tie the balloon off and release it. Watch it float gently higher, until it’s out of sight. Thank yourself for taking that step.

And I thank you, for since we are united in Love, your release is my release, and you have just freed me, as I have freed you.



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