Others’* Words: Journey of Creation – Day 14

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

In Perfect Love there is no lack, only complete abundance. Perfect Love is Perfect Fulfillment. When you are aware of your Oneness with Perfect Love, you have everything; you are everything. With a mind fully aware of its own Fullness in Perfect Love, you have perfect faith in your creations, as they are of the same mind as Perfect Love.


One by one the sentences in the Guiding Thought make absolute sense to me. But taken all together, my brain feels overwhelmed and incredulous.

In The Abundance Book, John Randolph Price says this, “There are certain principles of abundance, specific fundamentals of Truth which, when realized, will free an individual from lack and limitation.”

That book was (obviously) geared toward abundance, yet the “specific fundamentals of Truth” are not limited to abundance.

One of these Truths that he refers to is this:

“It is your spiritual consciousness–your Knowledge of the Presence of God within you as total and complete fulfillment–that interprets itself as every form or experience in your world. That is the Law.”

So, you see how the specific fundamentals of Truth are unlimited–the Presence of God within you is everything, complete fulfillment.

Regardless of the Law, it can only act through your realization of it. Your spiritual consciousness is your spiritual wealth, which out-pictures itself as your worldly wealth.

“You see, God is Omnipresent Wealth, the Infinite Riches of the universe, the lavish Abundance of creation. And if you deny unlimited prosperity, you are denying yourself, because YOU are the image of omnipresent wealth, the expression of the infinite riches of the universe, an individualization of lavish abundance.”

Statements of Truth can be difficult for my brain to accept; they sometimes seem so far from what I think I know, or what I think I experience. Today is one of those days. The Guiding Thought feels unreachable.

However, when I think about the concept through the words of Mr. Price, my brain does not get so worked up (can you see the similarities in his words, and in the Guiding Thought?).

I feel like I can handle the Truth as Mr. Price lays It out. But not so much when I read the Guiding Thought. Sometimes other people help me get past a stumbling blocks in my mind. That’s what’s happening today.

And that’s a thing about Truth. Everyone Knows It; everyone has It within them. We walk through life resonating with Truth (as we are aware of It), through others’ words, or sharings, or imaginations. Their experiences spark something in ourselves, which strengthens what we Know of the Truth within us.

But it’s up to each of us to find the expression of that Truth within us. That is Creation.

“Turn within and watch the Inner Presence work. The activity of your Infinite Mind sees and knows only abundance–and in this sea of Knowingness is a spiritual Idea corresponding to every single form, event, circumstance, condition, or experience that you could possibly desire. The creative energy (substance) of these Divine Ideas is forever flowing into perfect manifestation.”


*There is no other.

All quotes are from John Randolph Price’s The Abundance Book, published by  Quartus Books , 1987.

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