The Love You Are: Journey of Creation – Day 15

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

Perfect Love, the Source and Truth of your Self, imbues you with the will to create with Love. You are able to create through your own free will, extending Perfect Love.  Loving creation was given freely to you; therefore, give freely of your own loving creation. Joyfully create through Perfect Love, with Perfect Love, as Perfect Love.


The wise voice in my head, speaking the Guiding Thought to me today is so clear. It’s my friend Joseph, who left the planet about 2 years ago. His voice is so rich and clear and deep. Take a listen–just click any of his videos, and settle in to the resonance of his voice. Then, imagine that voice saying the Guiding Thought to you. Yeah. Joseph was the first person ever to say to me, “be the Love you are”. Words, you may notice, I use here sometimes.

His voice feels joyful and serious (at the same time), assuring and authoritative, instructive, and kind, just perfect for a wise friend to be saying the Guiding Thought. Sometimes I feel Joseph with me, looking out for me, hovering over my shoulder, reminding me, “be the Love you are”. It’s no wonder it’s his voice today.

When a wise friend, someone you really trust, tells you something–even if you’ve heard it before or said it to yourself– you just pay attention a little bit more. There is something about someone else telling you something you already know that triggers your Inner Truth, and makes your brain step outside of itself, doubt its own doubt, and think the possibility of the Truth.

It was the same for me yesterday, with John Randolph Price–the words coming from him, though different than my own–spoke to me in a way that I could listen with my whole brain, with my heart, with my Soul.

This is what Joseph is doing for me today. He is opening my mind and being to a Truth I would potentially reject, if I were telling it to myself.

The quieter voice from Joseph is also reminding me, “We are All One. There is no separation. I AM You, the Love You ARE.”

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