Get Over Yourself: Journey of Creation – Day 17

Copyright Tam Black 2017
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Guiding Thought

Use your free will joyfully to create the Good, the Beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect. This is appropriate use of your mind and will, and directly in-line with Perfect Love. As you experience your Holy creations in your life, you strengthen your conviction to Truth, and to your ability to co-create with your Divine Self.


This Guiding Thought feels so calming to me. It’s as though it’s saying, “It’s ok. Go for it. You can do it”. Clichés aside, the feeling is of comfort, confidence, and assurance.

When I used to supervise a staff of about 40 people, I used to tell them, “There is nothing you can screw up that I can’t fix”. I knew their jobs so well, that they were free to make mistakes; they were free to try creative solutions; they were free to expand their boundaries because they knew that if they made a mistake, it would be ok.

This Guiding Thought feels like that to me. I am being encouraged to try stuff; to expand my boundaries, to test the limits of my creativity, because if I make a mistake, it will be ok.

If I try stuff that I believe to be Good, Beautiful, or Holy, then mistakes are unlikely to happen, because it is when I create with these qualities that I am co-creating with my Divine Self, which is Perfect Love.

This is the experience the Guiding Thought is talking about, “as you experience your Holy creations in your life you strengthen your conviction to Truth, and to your ability to co-create with your Divine Self”.

My Divine Self first gives me permission to expand, to try new things, and to create what I want that is Good and Beautiful. Then It rewards me with Good and Beautiful experiences, as a way of giving me confidence in myself—that I am not going to screw anything up that It can’t fix.

Each time I create in this way, assured by my Divine Self that I’m doing it and doing it in cooperation with It, then I learn to create with more assurance each time. I question or doubt myself less.

I have noticed, over the past two years or so, this is true. I used to doubt myself a lot, I used to pray and ask God, “What do you want? What do you want me to do?” I thought when I did that, that I was “surrendering”, or giving over my will to God’s. But over the past few years, I began to recognize it as sounding “whiney”, and it was a way for me not to have to take responsibility. It was me doubting myself, and questioning my own ability to be effective in my own life. If I asked God what He wanted, then He would be responsible right? And I could hide my self-doubt in “surrender”.

Thank God that God knows more than I do, and that He is willing to help me get over myself, even when I am trying to blame Him for my shortcomings. ‘Cause here I am, over it and getting even better.



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